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How do we measure luck?

We have heard that “luck” is good fortune. How then do we attract good fortune?

What is your definition luck and what is your thinking on attracting luck?

Let’s stop for a minute and have a look at ourselves without judgement, if possible.

Are you considered elderly by today standards? If you are then you can say you have lived a long life and this could be considered luck, good fortune…..a blessing.

Are you middle aged or young? Have you met some of your expectations or scratched items off your bucket list? Make sure you truly review your life.....accomplishments, things you have learned and built on, actions that made you feel fulfilled or good inside.

Have you reviewed your life in this manner before? Perhaps you took much for granted. Perhaps you accepted your life achievement without due recognition. After this quick review, take a second look. Now with this second look what would you consider your accomplishments?

Do not forget you job or occupation, regardless of how you categorizing it by monetary gain or standard. How different would life be if you did not have this job? What is you were unemployed and without income?

Do you have family and friends? These are people you share your life with. Some of these individuals you will enjoy their company and others may not be that enjoyable but they bring valuable lessons to the table. How fortunate are we to have these people in our lives?

Do you enjoy good health? Even if you do not, has your life been good to this point? If you suffer from ailments or disease, what have these issues brought to the table for you? What valuable lessons are being learned through your less than perfect health?

Are you living in comfortable surroundings? Do you own a car? Are you able to buy clothing so you feel comfortable with your appearance, warm or comfortable physically? Do you have your own shoes or boots? Can you take a shower with fresh running water? Have you eaten lately? Do you have occasion to go out for dinner? Can you cook and do you have the resources to do so?

Each and every one of these is a blessing that so many of us in the developed world take for granted.

Can you process thoughts rationally? Can you communicate? Can you meditate? Do you acknowledge the miracles and magic that happen each and every day in life?

Ours lives are filled with blessings. Perhaps it is time to recognize our lives for what they are rather than complain about what we feel is missing.

We live in a beautiful world, surrounded by scenery and events that should fill us with wonder and awe. We have clean water, food to eat and a place to call home. We share our lives with family and friends who support us and we in turn support them. What a blessings. How fortunate we are!

What mysteries lie ahead and what wonders will we uncover. Take a moment to be grateful and to recognize just how fortunate you are.

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