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Do you think of yourself as lucky?

There is no question why some people never seem to win in life. These people truly believe that they are not winners. How can we expect to win at anything in life if this is our attitude? Some people do not recognize their attitudes as reinforcing negativity and others do not realize that they allow their thoughts to run in this direction. Through their attitudes and focus, they close the door to opportunities and squash the potential of positive possibilities. It is their belief structure or focus and their expectations that hold them back. Our lives reflect what we put out, so if our thoughts are focused on “I never win anything”, “I’m a looser”, “It will never happen to me”, our lives will reflect these thoughts.

If you manipulate your thoughts and force yourself to focus on what you have in life instead of what is missing, you open the door to abundance. What you believe is possible for you is what will come your way. Opportunity is presented to those who recognize that anticipation and gratitude presents more of the same. It simply will not materialize unless you open that door and raise your expectations and vibration to one of gratitude and plenty.

We mold our lives through our thoughts, our expectations and our belief structure. We can refocus our concentration anytime as long as we are aware of our thoughts. How often have you stated, “Money doesn’t grow on trees!”, “I can’t do that!”, “What is wrong with me?”, “I’ll never amount to anything!”, “Oh, I am stupid!” and the list goes on. If we are going to program ourselves, why would we not program ourselves positively? Our line of thinking and belief structure slowly manifests over time whether we are aware of it or not.

Life events will happen with or without our permission but if we focus on the positive outcomes of even the most difficult lessons or events, we can grow immensely from these experiences. It has been said that we have already chosen our lessons before we arrived here. It is suggested then, for example, if we were to fall ill, rather than feel sorry for ourselves, we should focus on healing and becoming well again. Visualizations of perfect health, for example, is a perfect starting point to healing.

We set things in motion by our belief structures along the way. We gradually mold our lives by our thoughts and expectations. We can make this a positive experience or a less than desirable one. Life may dictate events, whether preplanned or not, but we have a choice as to how we will handle each of these situations through our attitude.

What do you focus on? Do you believe in yourself? Luck is only a belief. Take control of your destiny and create a life filled with promise and abundance of whatever is important to you.

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