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We will experience a Lunar Eclipse on August 7, 2017 which will be 15 degrees in Aquarius.

This is Part I of a two part post. We are posting this article early as the energies of an Eclipse will be felt prior to August 7.

Review you Natal Chart to see which house this eclipse will be in as this is reflective of the area of your life that will be affected by the energies. If this event makes an aspect to a planet or angle, especially a conjunction, this eclipse will be very powerful and could cause you to search deep within. An Eclipse will force us to look within and to dig up any unresolved issues or character traits that may not be overly desirable. It will be up to us to be honest and open to anything that is uncovered and then after careful review make any desired alterations.

It is best to study your findings and not to act impulsively. Let the energies settle into place and then make decisions. Although some of these new discoveries may not be overly pleasing, consider this a discovery period which will amplify your ability to evaluate. After evaluation, you can make appropriate changes where needed. Eclipses often force us into action and help us break patterns of behaviour that are no longer suitable or that we have outgrown their usefulness. The energies of these eclipses can help us make vibrant shifts to our life that after time will often prove viable and useful learning experiences. They push you into new directions. Ensure that you remain open and can accept what you find; without acceptance, change is almost impossible.

If this eclipse is powerfully activated in your natal chart, it can bring news that may offer large undertakings, such as changes in the working environment, even changes in occupation or new beginnings after some adjustment or struggle. This is particularly true if the eclipse has activated your tenth house or sixth house. You may decide to change residence or redecorate the family home, especially if the fourth house is the area of life activated in your chart. There may be changes in relationships of significance such as marriage partnership or the dissolution of a marriage particularly if the seventh house is activated.

Remember the house in which the eclipse falls is under scrutiny; however, if this event does not touch off another angle or planet in your chart, the energies may be very light and hardly even notable. Many people fear the energies of an eclipse. This is as a result of their energies fostering growth and change and often through aggressive manners. It should be noted no matter how traumatic the energies may be, these changes are necessary. These energies assist you to move forward in life. These energies ensure that you do not stagnate as some of us resist change and do nothing when something needs to change.

A Lunar eclipse is emotional in nature and makes us aware of life’s conditions and may now bring endings to some of these conditions, if this is necessary. If an ending is required then changes are in store and you may have to adapt to these new experiences.

We are getting lengthy here and there is still so much more to review. We will continue this post on Wednesday August 2, 2017. Be aware of the energies right now. What are you feeling? How is this approaching Eclipse influencing you?

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