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We will experience a Lunar Eclipse on August 7, 2017. This Lunar eclipse will be 15 degrees in Aquarius.

We are posting this article early as the energies of an Eclipse will be felt prior to August 7.

This is Part II of a two part post. Part I was posted on July 31, 2017.

As mentioned in Part I, it is important to review you Natal Chart to see which house this eclipse will be in as this is reflective of the area of your life that will be affected by the energies. If this event makes an aspect to a planet or angle, especially a conjunction, this eclipse will be very powerful and could cause you to search deep within. Eclipses force us to look within and to dig up any unresolved issues or character traits that may not be overly desirable. It will be up to us to be honest and open to anything that is uncovered and then after careful review make any desired alterations.

There are times when eclipses will bring change, random change. This is an Aquarius eclipse. Aquarius in this equation will bring awareness and often sudden, unexpected change. It is not unusual that we have stalled into set circumstances and now is the time to reach out for something new and invigorating. Look for change that will stimulate learning and growth. Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius) is the awakener and brings about change and sometimes revolutionary change. The changes that are stimulated will be of benefit to larger groups of people and humanitarian enterprises could be the offspring of the changes that are now being put in place. The changes you are facing may be much bigger than you, and what you do with your life can have a profound effect on those around you. With this in mind, take your time to think things out. Make sure that what you decide to act on has the benefit of a greater good.

This eclipse will bring something to the surface that you are to deal with. The truth surfaces and once you recognize what that truth is, you will be asked to take action. Make sure you see the truth for what it is as these transformations set in motion can have profound effects. Eclipses should not be feared. They are a “friend” and are put in place to wake us up and help instigate required action on our part. In many cases the energies are in place before the actual eclipse, some say several weeks prior to the actual event. Pay attention to what is being presented. These offerings are seldom negotiable and more often than not require us to take some action.

The Lunar eclipse is often female oriented, while the Solar eclipse is male oriented. As a result, there may be a female in your life who will be motivated through the energies of this Eclipse. Sometimes people of the female gender leave our lives and sometimes they enter our lives. There may be a falling out with a female or someone comes into our life offers something of significance that creates a turning point. Sometimes decisions have to be made, but the end result is always beneficial, even if it takes time to arrive.

It is said that if the eclipse falls close to our birthday, the solar chart for that particular year will be very significant. There is a newness approaching and changes are in store for the whole year. Expect an eventful year with new and exciting experiences. The information brought forward from an eclipse is said to arrive within the first week of the eclipse or sometimes on the actual date. This is not always the case but you should remain open a week before and a week after to see if anything significant comes your way. Do not become obsessive with finding this information, for if the information is important, you will not miss it. Simply be awake and open to new information.

If you are an Aquarius or have the rising sign of Aquarius, this eclipse will more than likely affect you in one way or another. Don’t expect gigantic change or disruption in your life. The more planets involved however (and if Aquarius is strong in your chart) the energies at work will be amplified.

Also have a look at any progressed Planet within a few degrees of 15 degrees Aquarius and the house ruled by the progressed planet as this may also be affected. The house position in the natal chart and progressed chart are very important factors when it comes to areas of life involved.

It should be noted that in 19 years from this Eclipse, the degree and sign will be stimulated once again within a few degrees of where it is now. As a result, the energies at work now will once again be in force. The houses affected in 19 years in the progressed chart will more than likely be changed as they move forward one degree each year.

Do not fear the Eclipse. It is a necessary energy to push us out of stagnation. The energies of the eclipse will not affect all of us but there will be many who will benefit. Check your chart and open you arms to change.

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