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We will be experiencing a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon on July 16 at 5:38 p.m. EDT which falls at 24 degrees in the sign of Capricorn. You will have to check your own personal natal chart to see if you have planets or angles lined up with this degree either by conjunction or opposition. Check to see the houses involved as these will be areas of life that will be going through a purge and you will likely want to let go of anything that no longer serves a viable purpose in your life that fall into these guidelines.

This purge is apt to be extreme because Pluto is at 21 degrees Capricorn and Pluto does not work in subtle ways. Pluto is about releasing anything that serves as an obstruction to a new path and it will usually finalize any situation that holds you back from further growth. This can include a relationship, your job, the family and your parents. Much depends on what houses will be involved.

The eclipse is often a tumultuous time when the emotions are heightened and because Pluto is in the picture there may be control issues or ego disputes. You may experience power struggles as either you want to gain or maintain some control or perhaps someone else will be forcing themselves on you. Either way, power struggles are almost imminent, and this can be quite intimidating since control is the issue.

A Lunar eclipse can last as long in months as it does in hours during the actual event. So if the eclipse lasts 3 hours in total, the effects may still be felt up to and including 3 month from July 16.

Because we are experiencing a Full Moon, what was begun some six months ago may be ready and nearing it fruition. You will reap the rewards for the work you carried out. If you have been inattentive to your goals, you may have to disengage or release what was not attended too. We will reap the equivalent of the energy we spent over the past six months to having our goals materialize.

Prior to this time, say about 6-8 weeks, you may have had a feel for how things were developing and what you could have done to make things run smoother.

Saturn and the South Node are also conjunct at this time and this often speaks of past karma being released at this time. The closer the nodes are to the eclipse degree, the stronger their effects will be. The South Node has similar energies of that of Saturn, so it suggests some lessons to learn and also the potential for challenging conditions to deal with.

Capricorn often has to do with our obligations and duties and this eclipse may very well encapsulate these attributes.

Have you been fulfilling your obligations in life to fulfill someone else’s demands or have you been attending to your own needs?

It would be best to approach this question with an idea of what is more in need. Sometimes we need to weigh out things before we begin evaluating what has been taking place. There is certainly nothing wrong with looking after your own needs as well as looking after other people’s needs at the same time. Just don’t spread yourself too thin. Pluto tends to overwork and push us to the limits.

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