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A blue moon is the second Full Moon experienced within a single calendar month. From the expression “Once in a blue moon”, it is obvious that it does not occur very frequently. It actually happens once in every 2.7 years. This morning, January 31, 2018, was the peak of the full Leo Moon.

With this blue moon, we also experienced a Lunar Eclipse. The Leo Full Moon was at 11 degrees 37 minutes. Lunar Eclipses are powerful energies and force us to pay attention to the areas of life that are being highlighted through the energies of the house it is found in within our personal Astrology chart. Eclipse’s energies are asking for change and its apparent path often can cause our emotions to flair.

The Moon in Leo is rather dynamic in its expression and may push us to be more outspoken than normal and somewhat fearless especially when connected to family and relationships of significance. We may find it hard to keep our mouths shut when facing adversity. We can be somewhat outspoken when it comes to expressing our attitude towards those that may need our help or advice.

We may have a tough love approach although because of the close conjunction with Ceres, there is a strong need to nurture and take care of anyone that needs our help. The Moon and Ceres are similar in these energies, and Leo may be a little too controlling although anything offered by Leo this will come from the heart.

As this is a Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are in opposition to each other. At times there can be a challenge between what we do in our working environment and how we balance and provide nurturing within the framework of our family. There is a pull in both directions and often one lacks because of the focus we have on the other. We will want to do our best within both areas of life, but one demands more of our time although both need our attention.

This is also the time to harvest what we sowed during the New Moon in Leo some 6 months ago. If we began a project or focus under the influence of the Leo New Moon, this may be the time when we review our “garden’s growth” from that planting period and finalize the harvest. Alternatively, if we have fallen short in nurturing the plants of our plans, now may be the time to either tend your goals needs or till the soil and start over. Sometimes we just need to cut our losses and walk away.

Eclipses can be known as the bearer of news of importance. This can touch many areas of life. Again, as mentioned, we need to look at the house the eclipse occurs in within our personal Astrology chart. If it is transiting the 7th or 5th house it would speak in terms of relationships, in the 6th or 10th house in terms of work, the home, and family if in the 4th , health if in the 6 or 12 or if connection to our ascendant (rising sign). If in the sixth, it may also speak of dedication to service, pets, health and hygiene. If it is the twelfth, it may also speak of places of confinement such as hospitals, jails and hidden matters as well as mystical unfolding. The finances may be affected if the 2nd or 8th houses are involved. One thing is for sure, the energies of an eclipse are to push us towards our goals and often create a turning point in our lives.

A further effect on these energies would come from other planets within orb (up to 5 degrees) aspecting this position. You can expect challenging conditions if Mars, Saturn and sometimes Uranus and Pluto are involved. You can expect things to work in your favour if the Sun, Jupiter and Venus are aspecting this placement. Remember these planets and important angles (Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven and Imum Coeli) are natal positions and not transits, although transit can also have an effect. The transits can have an effect but it must be linked to the natal potential before their influence has much affect.

Enjoy the energies!

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