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The Lunar Nodes are considered one of the most influential forces in the horoscope. They are considered powers that lie beneath the surface linking together spiritual intervention and human evolution. Together the nodes, (north and south) signify karmic involvement. These nodes are always opposite one another or in opposition (180 degrees apart) and never vary.

The north node deals with our earthly mission and represents in part what we have entered this incarnation to manifest and/or learn. The north node is completely new to us and we may feel somewhat uncomfortable with our mission, as we enter unknown territory.

The south node is representative of a previous incarnation and signifies what we have brought with us into this life that can be used to assist the development of the north nodes potential.

The north and south nodes are one of the highest regarded when it comes to spiritual and karmic implications in Astrology. The nodes do not move at predictable speeds and move in a clockwise direction or retrograde motion. They take approximately one and one-half years to move through a sign and are used to check timing of events in progressions.

We are required to move in the direction of our north node, as this node defines our life’s mission. Identifying with the south node, or falling back into the comfort zone that the south node provides, will not motivate us in our intended direction, although some of the attributes that we have brought with us into this life can assist us and are to be used to push us forward.

Our life’s events that are most current have implications and are connected to our past. The two are interlinked and work together. Many find it difficult moving towards the energies of their north node and the higher forces will provide us with opportunities that push us in our intended direction. Our mission is to activate this calling and move toward these north node energies.

These nodes are located in houses in the astrology chart which represent areas of life, always opposite one another as mentioned. They are also defined by the Astrological sign that they are located in. The sign and house placement of each node further define our mission and our past incarnation and the why behind our existence.

The nodes are suggestive of interconnecting points where karma is connected from a past life and into the present one. Karma is the soul’s interaction with the current incarnation and insists that we fulfil the obligations agreed upon when entering this lifetime. These responsibilities when earnestly pursued will open the channels to spiritual growth, and expansive understanding.

Find out what your calling is and the past influences that push you towards you intended direction, through the nodal positioning in your natal chart. The nodes along with your Sun sign and Ascendant are guiding factors that reveal the soul’s interaction and what we have come into this life to do. When you align these three factors, you can have a clear idea of what your purpose truly is.

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