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There are times in life when sitting back and doing nothing just simply will not do. We have to stand up and be part of the change that is needed. What better way than to be the one who initiates this action.

“Should I wait for someone else to start the process?” could be the way our mind operates. The mind can thinks up intensions but come up with reasons why we should not act. Every once in a while, we are so committed to an idea, we can overcome the ego interference and move forward with our motivating ideas.

Sometimes it can be hard work and it would be so much easier if someone else starts things or we may feel we are not up to the task. However, we can’t always wait for others especially when an idea surfaces and there is potential for positive results if we only took that first step to begin.

We can make a difference in our world. We do not have to be followers and we are good enough to make a difference. We are leaders even if we underestimate ourselves. Give yourself a chance.

The right idea can snowball once it gets rolling. We are not here to sit back and be a spectator. We are here to live and living is taking action. Make things happen. Kindness, love, and affection can have profound effects if this is the route we take. If someone is struggling why not take a shot at helping them move in a different direction, if they are looking for help? If someone is lonely or afraid why not be the one that eases their mind or brings them friendship?

Do not sit back when opportunity knocks. We do not know what lies ahead until we take that step. Be the forerunner. Be that motivating factor. Be the light that radiates out into our world and lights the path.

Maybe it is only you that can make that difference!

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