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You can’t find peace in your surroundings or from your interaction with others.

The only way to find peace is to make peace and the only way to make peace is to create it within yourself. You create peace by being peace; peace comes from within. Peace comes from acceptance.

What are your expectations?

How do you experience peace when your expectations are not in touch with peace?

You form your reality over time by your belief structure. How then can you experience peace when your expectations say something different?

It has been argued that expectations are based on what has been experienced in life. What this says is that the only things that are possible are the things you have already experienced. There is truth to this statement. Why would anything change if you base your expectations only on what life has brought before this time? How can you possibly expect anything different when this is where you choose to place your expectations?

It is not as difficult as you could imagine to begin to filter out negative reactions to life’s events. You can change your attitude at any time, as long as you are aware of your attitude. You have to recognize what your thought patterns are and accept that they are created by you.

Thoughts are ego interference, but as long as you identify with these thoughts, you make them your own.

It really is that simple.

Pay attention to your thoughts, your actions and your reaction. Purposely refocus your thoughts in a positive direction. See the lesson but see the benefit of the lesson. It will take a little practice but realistically you can do it this moment and the change, if you believe that is, can happen right now, in this moment.

Do not wait until tomorrow to make that conscious change. Do it now.

Make a conscious choice to be the master of your own life and focus on what makes you happy. Life can be filled with joy and optimism. It is a choice. Peace is within; experience it.

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