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You cannot find peace in your surroundings or from any interaction you may have with others. The only way to find peace is to create peace and the only way to feel peace is to focus on your attitude towards peace. You create peace by being peace, by living within the guidelines of what you define peace to be and then allowing those energies to seep into your outer world.

What are your expectations? Do you expect to experience peace?

How do you find peace when your expectations are not in touch with what peace represents for you? You know that you mold your reality over time by your belief structure. If this is true, how can you possibly find peace when your expectations and focus are elsewhere?

You argue that your expectations are based on what you have experienced in life.

How can you expect change if you base your expectations on what life has brought before this time? How can you possibly expect anything different when this is where you choose to place your focus?

Make a conscious choice to start filtering out negative possibilities and focus. You can switch this focus at any time, but you have to recognize that your thought patterns are your own, that they come from you and that you are the one with the control of where they are. Call it ego interference, but as long as you identify with these thoughts, you make them your own.

Pay attention and refocus your intentions. It will take a little practice but realistically you can do it this moment and, if you believe, the change can happen right now, in this moment. You do not have to wait until tomorrow to make that conscious change. You can do it now. When you notice that your focus is sneaking back into old habits, gently change its direction again to a positive one.

What are you waiting for? The time is now. Make a conscious choice to rule your own life and focus on what makes you happy. Life is supposed to be filled with joy and optimism and this goes for everyone. It is time. Just do it!

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