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Mars in Leo in Astrology

Since we are currently in the sign of Leo, we are going to look at some of the Natal characteristics of Mars in the sign of Leo. If you have Mars in Leo or Mars in the fifth house (the fifth house is ruled by Leo), the following will apply to you.

If you have Mars in Leo and your Mars is positively aspected (especially if not aspected by Saturn), you are an energetic individual. Your vitality is very noticeable and depending on your Ascendant sign, you possibly could have a strong body and enjoy physical activities. With Mars in Leo, you love to be on the move and you are agile. Sports can play an important role in your daily routine especially sports involving running or physical activity.

You truly want to be a significant individual to those that matter and will do your best to create a lasting impression. You want to be known as someone who has succeeded and you make a great leader. You have a passionate nature and do nothing in half measures. You will work hard to achieve what you set out to do. You want to be counted on and will do what you have to do to make sure others are proud of your achievements.

You are ambitious and you have a strong tendency to follow your heart when trying to reach your objectives in life. If it feels right then you will pursue it.

You also have strong morals and principles and will stubbornly adhere to them. You take pride in how you live your life and would like it if others lived under the same principles as you do. You really believe that you have to work in this life to achieve success whatever success means to you. You are determined to succeed at whatever you set out to do.

You can be stubborn and domineering when you feel you are right and have great pride although your ego and pride can be your downfall. Your strong will can help you along life’s sometimes difficult passages and will carry you far in this life. When you use your sense of humor to your advantage, life goes your way. You are full of warmth unless you are angered - then watch out! The temper can be very violent and aggressive.

In a love affair, you are very affectionate and will shower your lover with love and compassion. However, you want recognition for this. You can be rather dramatic and love to have centre stage. You will be very faithful once you decide that this is the right person for you, and you expect the same treatment. The conversations that occur in love affairs are very direct and open. You do not hide your intense feelings of love for another person and once again it is important that you get the same in return.

In general, your demeanor is generous and warm spirited, and you love with all your heart. You take failure in love very seriously and can feel hurt very deeply. It is important to let go of these feelings as they can bring you to depths that no one should enter.

Love is a beautiful experience and you are willing to share your all in this area of life, faithfully and forever.

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