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On September 14, 2021, Mars moves from Virgo a Mutable, Earth sign into Libra a Cardinal, Air sign. Mars moves through the sign Libra from the 14th of September to the 30th of October after which it moves into the Fixed, Water sign of Scorpio. Mars will be in its direct motion until October 2022 when it moves into retrograde at 25 degrees in the sign of Gemini.

Mars when in its direct motion moves at about ¾ of a degree per day and its effect on natal planets stimulates activity with energy to move ahead. Mars along with the Sun is our driving force in life and is often used as a timer in Astrology. Mars is the need for action and our stimulating force to push ahead. How we decide to move ahead, with what energy we apply and to what areas of life we wish to pursue these advances depends on the sign and house Mars occupies in our natal chart.

When Mars moves into Libra this is a time of balancing our life’s pursuits. We will often try to reach a viable path ahead which offers harmony and peace as its objectives. In many cases others will be involved in the equation and quite often the relationships involved can be with our partners. Although Mars wants to push forward, we will bend and assist in as many ways as possible.

This can be known as an advancing time in our lives when we push hard ahead to achieve what we set out to do. Fairness and justice will also be important factors in a determined effort. We can be focused and true to our objectives and we are the motivating factor behind our success or limited advance. Although others are involved, we are the push behind any gain. The amount of energy we put into what we set out to do will be the determining factor in how we advance.

If this is about business partnership, then we may be the defining influence which pushes this ahead. We may want to take a leading role in what takes place and how we move ahead. We may rely on some input, but we will likely be the one who orchestrates the movement ahead. We will however likely take into consideration how the other persons’ feel about our plans and objectives.

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