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Mars the ruling planet of Aries and co-ruler of Scorpio moves into the sign of Pisces on April 16, 2022. It remains in Pisces until May 25. Mars does not go retrograde until the end of October in the sign of Gemini.

Mars is associated with energy, push and our sex drive. It pushes us to act and can be rather impulsive and aggressive. There is no stagnation period with Mars although the retrograde cycle will slow matters down. Due to its quick movement Mars influences our birth chart for about two weeks in any given area. During this time depending on the aspect involved it speaks to us in terms of advancement and progress. To a certain degree its action may need to be stifled somewhat due to its forceful push. We can make mistakes along the way unless we charter our path ahead.

In the sign of Pisces Mars’ momentum and push can be linked to our advancement towards enlightenment and our spiritual connectedness. Meditation can produce great advances during Mars’ stay in Pisces and visionary interludes can become more prominent for those leaning this way.

Pisces has to do with service and compassion, and we may find that we want to help those less fortunate than ourselves and have more compassion. Working with the challenged and the needy are in line with Pisces’ desire to promote love and affection. Any service-oriented work or gesture will add perfectly with the energies of Mars in Pisces.

Although Pisces has a challenging time dealing with adversity, Mars may enhance our ability and drive to dissolve these issues if there are any that surface during this time. If we are going through a challenging condition perhaps linked to a relationship that lacks honesty, this might be the time when we decide to move away from the difficulty.

Pisces can also be quite romantic and when Mars is involved particularly when in aspect by harmonious links in the birth chart, romance can be highlighted. There may be strong sexual overtones to what this relationship entails, and you can fall head-over-heals in love during this powerful push from Mars. It will however be important to ensure that what you are viewing actually is what is in place as Pisces can be gullible. Romance however has a chance to bloom if all the right pieces come together.

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