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Mars has about a two year cycle for its return position. It goes retrograde and this cycle lasts from anywhere between 56 to 82 days. As it approaches its retrograde motion and as it is leaving retrograde cycle, it can remain in a stationary position for approximately 5 to 6 days. The next Mars retrograde cycle is September, 2020.

Some say that while Mars is in its retrograde cycle it has similarities to the energy of Venus, but what this is referring to is that its energies are harnessed to a great degree and may be released in a more gentle manner. When Mars is in its direct motion, its tendency is to have aggressive action and it will not hold itself back or fear making mistakes and starting over again. Mars is a forceful energy when in direct motion and its energies is often what propels us ahead in life. Mars direct truly wants to fulfil its requirements whatever that may be, which is often determined by its placement in the chart.

When Mars is in its retrograde cycle, as mentioned, its energies are harnessed and there is often the element of fear. This is in part why we feel the urge to sit back and review what we are striving for. There is a feeling that we should at least wait until things are beginning to settle down and become more reliable.

Anger and violence have often been attributed to the energies of Mars while in direct motion and this will be curtailed somewhat when it is retrograde motion.

Whatever area of life that is involved at the time when Mars is in retrograde motion(determined by the house position), there is a distinct feeling that we need more time to reflect on the situation and this can lead to feelings of frustration. There may be issues about speaking our full truth. It is not that we would lie, but we would be more passive in expression than when Mars is direct. Sometimes there is a fear of making mistakes and this is why we hold back. And what if we do take a stand and move ahead? What if we have to back our initiative up with action? What if this does not meet our expectations? This is how the fear might play out.

Mars has also been strongly linked to our sexual expression and much will depend on the sign and aspects to Mars in the birth chart to define how its sexual energies will be released. When Mars is in retrograde motion there is often a feeling of frustration and in some way life seems to be standing in the way of progress. Once it turns direct again, we may find that these energies slowly settle down and things go back to normal.

For those with Mars retrograde in the birth chart, which by the way can turn direct due to progression, people often find that life seems somehow predetermined and life events seem to dictate at times. For those that are somewhat inhibited in their expression, Mars retrograde in the birth chart has been put in place to push us to exert our self even when we don’t want to, especially due to a fear of failure or not meeting expectations. We will eventually push our self and promote our self, one way or another. It is likely, however, that we will do so only under the right circumstances and when it feels safe.

Fear should not stand in the way of our personal goals and even if we fall short from time to time at least we made the effort and rose above our fears.

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