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The Sun is in the sign of Aries, and since Mars is the ruler of this sign, we thought we would touch on Mars’ energies and give a brief explanation of the actions it can initiate as it transits through the Zodiac.

Mars is the planet connected to vigorous and energetic action. It will control activity in your life when your natal Mars is stimulated through transit, or when it is the transiting planet activating an angle or planet in the birth chart.

Mars is the activated force that helps us deal with aggression and pressures. The sign placement of your natal Mars will define how this energy is dealt with. The house placement of Mars will define the area of life that your energies are directed towards.

Mars can be forceful and dynamic in its action. It can be the energy that provokes arguments and fights. Mars’ energies are often active in times of accidents and violence. Mars is linked to the masculine in your life and Mars, among other things, represents young men. It is powerfully connected to our sex drive, but much will depend on Mars’ natal sign.

Mars in Scorpio, for example, can suggest a powerful sexual push as well as Mars in Aries. However, an Aries Mars may be a little more self-concerned and address the area of sex quite differently than Mars in Scorpio.

Mars always needs an outlet and without proper release on some level, the energies it represents can become quite provoked or feel stifled.

Mars is also strongly connected to our wants and need to succeed. Along with our Sun, Mars supplies us with the energy needed to achieve in life. Mars is connected to beginnings and initiations. Those individuals with a strong Mars placement will be the first to act, sometimes impulsively or without forethought.

If, for example, Mars in Pisces could suggest that the individual is seeking spiritual enlightenment. If poorly aspected in the Chart, this person may seek to actively avoid challenging conditions or could act out in submissive ways. Much will depend on the overall condition of Mars and again its house location.

When transiting Mars makes an aspect to a planet or angle in the natal chart, its energies last about one week due to its quick movement through the zodiac. The exact day, however, that it conjuncts a planet or angle can be used as a timer if other factors in the chart are pointing in a similar direction. Mars and Uranus are used as timing tools when outer transits are activating points and planets as does the progressed Moon and sometimes the T. Sun.

If Mars is making a connection in the birth chart and goes retrograde, its energies will last longer. In general Mars’ energies will activate 5 to 7 degrees approaching a planet or angle and will begin to fade about 2 degrees separating.

When Mars transits a house, it can activate this area of life creating new beginnings and fresh starts. At times, failure or endings of some sort or another is what is required to provoke productive action and open the door to a new beginning. Much will also depend on the sign that transiting Mars is moving through.

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