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Mars entered the sign of Gemini on March 3, 2021. Mars is all about energy, drive and ambition. Mars’ energy points towards action on some level.

Gemini is a very versatile sign linked to communication due to its ruler Mercury. Gemini has to do with being adaptable, changeable, and sometimes scattered. When you put Mars in the sign of Gemini, there is great potential for starting something and then changing your mind as you proceed or making changes along the way.

Much of this will depend on the house that Mars is transiting through.

If in the first house, this will be very personal, possibly making changes to your appearance, life direction or goals that you have in mind. If in the fourth house, this can relate to your home and family. Perhaps you are deciding on whether or not to sell your home or make changes to your environment. In some cases, this also speaks of your mom especially if Mars is close to the IC (or this may be the more submissive parent). If Mars were in the seventh house, this may speak of your relationship or you may be considering a business relationship.

Without the energies of Saturn attached to this combination, this could be a very volatile time when changes take place abruptly and in ways that you might not have thought likely. However, with Saturn in trine to Mars, Saturn brings a greater sense of security and stability. In some cases, depending on other variants in your natal chart, longevity is highlighted and the decision making is on target due to time spent rationalizing and conceptualizing before moving ahead. Saturn brings reliability into the equation and will foster a more permanent situation.

Mars always wants to push ahead, while Saturn wants to move ahead but with some reserve and wants to make sure that there are no short cuts along the way and that you really know what you want. Security on some level is likely but may not be fully recognized until after this trine completes its orb of influence.

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