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In order to become proficient at self-understanding, we will have to recognize what our attitude towards and our perception of “self” actually is.

Every aspect of us, as an earthbound individual, is determined by our mental belief structures. By knowing and acting upon this, we can rise above any mental self-limitations regardless of when they were created or even “why” they were created for that matter. By simply un-identifying with this attitude and/or conceived notions, we set ourselves free from ownership of them.

If we do not like what we see, we can change our perspective on who and what we think we are. We are not our thoughts yet we believe this to be true. Our human mind is fickle and will change what it thinks on a regular basis. How then can this be who we are?

We are constant, deep within....forever growing but still constant. We are only limited if we limit ourselves through our beliefs.

We can, at any time, rid ourselves of any unwanted, stagnant, detrimental notions that hold us back in our evolutionary growth. We are the only one that can take these steps for we are the only one that controls our own personal perception of self.

Others can say what they want; for their opinions are simply that....”their” opinions and these opinions do not belong to us nor do they create us. Why would we limit ourselves to other people’s opinions then?

Why would we not allow concepts and beliefs that resonate with our true self.....those concepts and beliefs that propel us to a new or heightened image of our own self.

Standing back and taking an honest, non-judgemental look at who we believe we are, can set positive change into motion.

Why adopt something that creates restraints?

We can propel ourselves in directions that no longer limit or stagnate our growth.

Understand, beyond a doubt, that this individual that you wish you could be is already a part of who you truly are. Recognize your inner beauty and truly see yourself through loving eyes. You WILL be amazed.

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