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We have had clients mention that they frequently find themselves completely immersed, almost obsessed, with material gain. They advise that they have spent much of their lives acquiring financial stability and continue on their quest to grow their wealth. They feel overwhelmed and obsessed yet no matter how much they have accumulated, they never seem to be satisfied with what has been achieved. While gathering momentum towards these objectives, these individuals feel they have lost sight of the fact that life also has a deeper purpose.

Our objectives, although we live in a material world, do not have to be completely and overwhelmingly focused on monetary wealth. Do not get me wrong, we can build our savings. There is nothing wrong with financial security and working towards this, but money is not the only wealth we require as humans. We do live in a material world and working hard towards comfort can be a temporarily rewarding but it can also feel as though something is always missing in life.

Financial wealth is satisfying in the moment but loses its importance as we adjust to it. Something has to fill the gap that material gain just does not satisfy. We need to find ways to deal with our hunger for more and although it feels good living in comfort, it is not enough.

What then can give us the satisfaction and fulfillment that we so hunger for?

When we look back on our journey, what will be the highlights?

Each of us has to choose how we want to create the answer to these questions. I am certain the answer will contain some type of connection with others, with sharing emotions, with sharing experiences, with connecting with the energies of all that surrounds us.

What makes you feel content, makes your heart feel full, allows you to feel gratitude?

To end, a quote from Buddha ““Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are. It solely relies on what you think.”

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