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We must give credibility to the importance of meditation. Many of our readers are on a spiritual journey and want to advance their internal connection. When we practice meditation regularly, not out of commitment, but out of the shear desire to find alignment with our inner self and connection with source, the passages open and are more easily accessible.

Without meditation the evolution is not hindered but does not move as easily or readily as it does with a quiet mind. Meditation is the key to our inner evolution and our connection to what exists beyond the day-to-day. If growth is our goal, we owe it to ourselves to utilize this practice.

We are here for earthly lessons and to benefit mankind in some way, even if we find that it is only in a somewhat limited capacity. Life continually changes and as we grow into our true selves much more begins to unfold. We do not know where we will end up as far as spiritual enlightenment goes but we can assist in its development. Meditation is a tool for this.

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