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Meditation as a Healing Modality

There are many modalities or ways to experience or enhance healing. One example of this would be Reiki. Have you also considered healing through the act of meditation?

Most of us understand the wonderful experiences possible through meditation, but how many of us use our meditations to benefit our bodies and the bodies of those around us. Have you practiced healing through meditation with a group of individuals?

A small group of like-minded individuals or a self practice can have lasting effects on the overall condition of the body. All that is necessary for results is faith but even if the belief structure is still relatively faint, you can still benefit from this practice.

There are several methods use to facilitate healing meditation although whichever one feels right and strengthens your belief structure will work best for you. You can actually come up with your own system, as it only matters that the intent to heal is there.

If necessary put on a meditation tape that is very soothing and offers you comfort and peace. Use your normal practice of meditation and take about 10-15 minutes to get deep into your own personal meditation mindset. Once there, focus on your body and ask your higher self and your spirit guides to assist you in creating a healthy body. Use a mantra that suggests that you are already healthy and continue with this mantra for a few minutes to initiate the process.

Focus or draw your attention to the other people in the room, if you are doing a group meditation. Send out healing energy to each of them. Imagine a line of energy surging from your body and aligning with everyone else’s energy in the centre of the room or a specific point that you have previously agreed upon.

Send loving energy to everyone in the room but use this central vertex as the concentration of this energy. Allow the energy to flow where it needs to go. Remember you are just the vehicle for this energy and the higher sources will work through you and spread the energy to where it is most needed.

Send this loving energy outward and know that it is not from you but a higher source. Ego must not exist with this practice as you are only the conduit for this energy not the creator. Healing may not be immediate but the peaceful affect of this practice will be. The actual healing may come in different forms as the mind must first be healed in order for the body to react. This practice can assist in the realization of why you have been stressed or ill. With this realization, you can release the pent up frustrations or hurts that has been locked in your body and mind.

Regular practice will have the greatest benefits and meditation with and on self is perfectly acceptable. You deserve to be happy and healthy. Nothing from your past has authority over you unless you allow it to. We all deserve healing!

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