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It can bring moments of joy to reminisce and recall significant periods in our lives. We recall important moments that we hold dear, while others are best left behind. As we age we have more experiences to recall and many seniors spend much time reflecting on past events.

The past is behind us and we have no control on what has transpired. What happened in the past has little if any significance on our lives now, even though we may think it does.

In some ways, many individual can get caught up on what took place and because of their “holding on”, these events are affecting their lives in the present. They may have been hurt by someone, or someone important to them may have passed away. Because of this, they change the way they are living today.

Other alter their current life styles because they feel, after the events of the past, they cannot live the way they used to. Others hold on to the past so strongly that they do not want anything in life to change in fear of loosed those and that that once were.

Grief is an experience that few, if any, can avoid. Grief is a normal experience; allow it to be. It is when emotions such as grief become long lasting and all consuming that we are allowing the past to steal the present. It is important to go through the process and deal with our emotions. It is a personal choice on how we will react to what has now become our new path in life but many people do not understand or realize this choice.

Change is guaranteed and we have to be flexible to live in the moment.

When we hold on to the past, we can feel as though we are lacking or life has somehow turned against us. Some individual can become angry or overcome by sadness and despair.

How we look at any given situation is a choice. Do we celebrate what once was and appreciate the experience or do we begrudge the change and allow anger to flood our moments?

Depending on our attitude towards any event, we can be a prisoner of our past or we can celebrate the moments and appreciate the path we have journeyed. Many of us choose to reflect and realize the gifts we have received. We acknowledge, we thank and we move one.

Trauma is difficult and we need time to process our emotions. If are having difficulty doing this, we need to reach out to those that can lend an ear, a shoulder, a hand or some guidance.

The hard lessons often hold the most valuable gifts. It can be hard to realize at the time however. Process and step forward. It can be frightening but it is essential. We cannot take the hand of this moment without letting go of the hand of yesterday.

Recognize the beauty in each moment. Live life to its fullest. Do not waste what you have today because you are tethered to your memories of yesterday.

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