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Memories & Visions

It is amazing how the mind has the ability to bring forth visual memories.

What are the limitations of our mind’s recall?

Is it possible through meditation to draw upon memories from past incarnations?

Do we have the tools available, and if so, what does it take to utilize them?

It is believed that we can have access to our past lives especially if we have important questions about matters that may be affecting us in our current incarnation. If we have recurrent difficulties that require an action on our part to create internal or external changes in our lives, does it not make sense that we have the ability to relinquish these issues through an understanding from the past?

Do we come into this life with difficulties or trying circumstances that cannot be healed or adjusted to a point that the lessons facilitate growth? If the burden that we must adjust to is exceptionally large, would the lesson not produce exceptional growth?

It is thought that we come into this life with all of the required tools to conquer any challenges that come our way. It is important, however, to understand that not all challenges are meant to end. Sometimes the lesson is to change our way of looking at things. A change in our perspective also changes the affects of a challenge. We have what it takes to change anything that we choose to change or alter so that it assists us, instead of placing obstacles in our path. Some things that seems to come from another source but has been with you from early in life may come from inborn conditions brought on by previous life incarnations or important soul growth. Karma has its place in our lives and although many think of Karma in terms of what we have to work on in this life, it should also be thought of as gifts that we have brought with us to use to our advantage.

Karma has many avenues of expression and all the ingredients linked to Karma carry with them alternative methods for healing on any level. They are not ingrained dilemmas that are here to infiltrate our sub-conscious and render us helpless to their influence. They are ingrained hidden strengths that we can draw upon when required and to be used to our advantage and to build on our character traits that may lie dormant within. Karma is a tool brought forward to encourage growth on many levels and is a gift we have provided our immediate selves with in order to facilitate inspiration and keep us on our course of enlightenment.

During meditation, use your intuitive perception to being forth the memories of previous lifetimes. Utilize this information to assist your journey. Practice will bring success. Life unfolds at the appropriate moments and always on time and on schedule.

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