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As of May 9, 2016, Jupiter went from retrograde to direct.

As of May 22, 2016, Mercury also went direct. Mercury had been retrograde from April 28, 2016, and during the retrograde motion, it is not a good time to make plans and set things in motion. These influences have now cleared and you may notice a release of sorts as there actually have been as many as five planets in retrograde during this time period.

Jupiter went retrograde in January, 2016, and although it does not have the same effects as Mercury, Jupiter often suggests that the learning principles have been challenged and it may have felt as though we were going nowhere or at the very least, moving at a snail’s pace. In reality, retrograde planets indicate reflection and deeper introspection depending on where they are located in our charts, as well as any planets they aspect as they make their way backwards through the zodiac.

Mars is still in retrograde motion and will remain there until the end of June, 2016. Mars’ energy pushes us forward and we may feel that we have been held back in our movement, particularly on a spiritual level, in our religious views, in travel plans, and/or through litigation, because of the retrograde motion of Jupiter. We should feel some relief now and again when Mars goes direct and we may experience a sudden release of pressure and a movement forward in life. Mars went retrograde mid-April, 2016, and we may have felt stagnated or had less energy, including sexual energy, during its retrograde motion.

Remember that the houses that these planets are transiting through will be the areas of life affected. It is also important to look to see where these planets were located in the natal chart. If we have planets that have been affected by these retrogrades (in particular if they have held positions of major impact --conjunction, square, or opposition), then the direct motion will affect us on a more profound level. The greater the number of planets and important points (ASC, MC, DC, and IC) that they touch, the stronger the impact in our chart.

Mercury was in retrograde from 23-14 degrees Taurus. Jupiter was in retrograde from 23 to 14 degrees Virgo and Mars will be in retrograde from 8 degrees Sagittarius to 23degrees Scorpio. We can tabulate the times especially by conjunction when these planets once again pass over these critical degrees and once again touch sensitive areas in our charts.

This has been a challenging times for those that have been affected and especially for those that had any of these planets retrograde when they were born. We should feel much more freedom of movement and a sense of clear direction as these planets go direct again.

Please share your experiences with us. It would be interesting to read your experiences with regards to how these energies affected each of our lives. Please be sure to post your comments on this post on the Holm Astrology’s page as we cannot read comments written on this post when it has been shared by others. We would love to hear from you.

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