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Mercury takes on its energies from whatever planet it touches. It is linked to the mind and the thinking process. When we find Mercury and Neptune tied together in the birth chart, we can automatically say that there will be a creative mind set. This will be someone who is creative perhaps through visualization, perhaps through the written word and/or perhaps through the study of mysticism.

The mind is mystically oriented, possibly even in a religious tone, although it does not have to be religion in the traditional sense. Neptune has a strong mystical quality to it and the imagination is inspired to learn more about what the other side looks like. This person would most likely not be overly interested in mundane everyday activities. There is likely a strong inclination towards understanding the unconscious and they may also be interested in dream interpretation and even magic.

This is a very creative combination and music, the arts (this can be a very wide spectrum) as well as anything that lies beneath the surface, particularly if this conjunction is found in water signs, especially Scorpio.

The mind is very reflective and imaginative and if there are hard aspects to this configuration they could be subject to illusion and disarray. The mind may have a tendency to not see things as they truly are, especially if there is a connection to Uranus or Pluto by hard aspect, particularly by the square.

The house position will be very relevant in determining how this plays out as this will define what area of life is influenced. There could be an elusive quality if this is found in the fifth house related to romantic involvement and anyone with this combination and house placement may tend to put their lover on a pedestal only to find out that they are not as they appear. The mind, however, would be very creative as the imagination plays a big part in creativity. One of their children may be seen as quite creative with an inspirational mind.

If this positioning is found in the first house the creative potential is on a very personal basis and if this position is found to be in the sign of Scorpio, much may be kept private and only the subject individual may know about it.

As you can imagine, there are many different variations by sign and house position and much can be ascertained by going deep into the natal chart to see how this might play out. The natal chart is the road map and the route is exposed and generated through activity molded by transits and progressions. The chart is activated through transits and progression and what is written in the natal chart will be released when activated.

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