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Mercury remained in retrograde until January 25, 2016 and now has turns direct. Mercury is known as the planet of the mind and it defines our thinking process, our attention span and our ability to digest information and experience. It has to do with how we communicate, exchange information and our ideas.

Mercury’s sign in our chart indicates what kind of information will stimulate our conceptual visualization. It also shows what we tend to relate to in our immediate environment. When Mercury is in Capricorn, we may find that there is time spent digesting ideas and information about our career or what we might want to do with our education. This may relate directly to the working environment and we may find that our mind is occupied by thoughts about work. This may have been particularly strong during Mercury’s retrograde cycle. During that time, it would have been wise to digest information rather than act. Our reactions to these thoughts and the way in which we process this information will be written in our birth chart, by the aspects to Mercury and its placement by house and sign.

When Mercury shifts into the sign of Aquarius in mid February, you may note that your concerns and intents tend to turn to more humanitarian concerns. This will be particularly so if your Mercury happens to be in the sign of Aquarius or if transiting Mercury is somehow connected to Uranus, or located in the eleventh house in your chart. Your thoughts may shift to relationships with groups of people and this would be very beneficial if these individuals are of like mind. You may want to share your ideologies and find common ground on information that leans toward the occult, scientific information, computers and technology. You may also find that your interest in Astrology increases, and you may want to find out more on the subject.

If Mercury transits to make contact with a panet in your birth chart or in the progressed chart, Mercury’s energies reflect the energies of any planet it contacts, just as a chameleon. Mercury’s energy is stimulated by the contacting planet. For example if the planet is Neptune, your idealism runs strong and mystical insight would be enhanced. You will want to unearth the mysteries of life if it is well aspected. If in a challenging aspect, you may have difficulties resolving problems or you may try to avoid the truth of some matter that you actually need to be uncover.

When Mercury is in Aquarius, you may have a stronger desire to stir up others and help them to move out of life conditions that have gone stagnant. Aquarius wants to help others review their lives and to assist them in making changes that will help to foster growth on some level. You may have an intellectual plan that ultimately will help them or help yourself move through conditions that no longer serve a significant purpose to the evolutionary process.

You may find that you are more intuitive especially if Mercury is somehow linked to Neptune, Uranus or Pluto, although each of these planets acts in different ways. Pluto, for example, will make you dig deep within and search for answers sometimes causing psychological reflections over the matters that come to the surface. To understand the influence of Mercury, you will have to dissect its natal potential.

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