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Mercury turned direct on January 8 or 9, 2017 (depending on where you live) in the final degrees of Sagittarius. It will move into Capricorn on the 13th of January, 2017, in Canada and will remain in Capricorn until February 8 when it moves into Aquarius.

For those with their Sun in Capricorn, Mercury will make a conjunction to the Sun during these dates. Mercury is a very neutral planet taking on the energies of whatever it touches by planetary placement, house placement as well as any planetary angles that it receives.

Since Mercury rules the mind and the thinking process as well as communicative techniques, when it is in direct motion and in the sign of Capricorn it might be a good time for serious thoughts about your future. Take into consideration any goals that you might have to achieve or your aspirations and move forward with them. Make sure you are not taking any shortcuts and also be sure that they are realistic and reachable, although the higher you aim, the greater the rewards. Your goals must be feasible and genuine in their nature. Are you willing to do the work it takes to make them happen?

Your overall thinking process is more aligned during this period and practical matters can be dealt with in a very precise manner. Make sure to check the natal potential while deciphering what is actually attainable. If Mercury is poorly aspected in the birth chart, it is important to take into consideration that the goals or objects that you are trying to pursue are attainable, even though they may be challenged at times. This is particularly true if Neptune is in poor aspect to Mercury as Neptune tends to colour things and often causes circumstances to be unclear.

Capricorn can be a bit ridged in its behaviour and you will have to watch for becoming overly concerned with your achievements. You will become more logical in your thinking and able to concentrate on the matters at hand, especially if they are business related. Negativity can enter the process if you fall short of reaching these objectives and pessimism can set in. Watch for this! Stay open to solving any obstacles that may stand in your way, as you have the capabilities to overcome interference by using your reasoning and communicative abilities. The mind is more focused and serious, and what you say and do will have more of an impact than under normal conditions.

You will have an ability to deal with what is considered relevant to the matters at hand and will be able to focus your attention better. Your mind is sharp and anything related to business and enterprise has a greater than average ability to work well during this time. Changes to the way you represent yourself through communication techniques can change if you think this necessary. Your communication techniques are sharpened and more precise, and you can deal with anything that requires your attention.

When Mercury goes direct it will be a much better time to sign any contracts than during the prior period when Mercury was in its retrograde cycle. You probably will not need to re-do what you are doing or re-think your actions now that Mercury is direct and life generally run more smooth. The retrograde cycle is often accompanied with plans having to change and things not working out the way you thought that they might. Your would have to have been flexible while Mercury was in retrograde.

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