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Midpoints in Astrology

Midpoints in Astrology are considered one of the more successful astrological applications available for its predictive nature. A midpoint is the exact halfway point between two planets, or two significant points (Ascendant, Midheaven) or astrological bodies such as Chiron. The Part Of Fortune, as well as the Vertex, or other bodies that you use to delineate an Astrology Chart can also be used with midpoints.

For example, if you have Uranus at 11 degrees Cancer and the Moon at 28 degrees Scorpio then the midpoint would be 19 degrees Virgo. If by chance you have a planet or significant point in the natal chart that is within a one degree orb of 19 degrees Virgo that planet would have Uranus and Moon connotations brought into the mixture these planetary positions. If for example, you have Mars within that one degree orb, Mars would be heavily influenced by Uranus and the Moon.

With transits and progressions, any planetary link to this position would carry these overtones as well as the conjunction to Mars. You can also use the semi-square, the square, the Sesquiquadrate and the opposition when delineating this configuration. These aspects are all divisions of 45 degrees and will bring action, will create events and will make these quite noticeable to the individual.

Midpoints are very significant when trying to decipher potential events to situations that are suggested by the natal midpoint scheme in question and the houses involved in the equation. As mentioned, use an orb of no more than one degree when deciphering what potential situations may occur. Midpoints are significant because they will provide the astrologer with a clearer definition of what potential lies within the bounds of these transfigurations.

Midpoints can also be applied to the natal chart with any midpoint of any combination, as the midpoint becomes a focal point when transits or progression join up and make contact with these sensitive points. In most cases when the conjunction is activated between the two planets or significant points and the aspect is direct within one minute, you can certainly expect something to happen.

The house location of the midpoint will provide you with the area of life affected and you also have to look at the houses the two bodies are located in within the natal chart to provide a clearer picture. Then take into consideration what the planets represent and how this area of life will be affected. For example, the Moon and Uranus and Mars would suggest an emotional experience that would be sudden and unexpected with the potential for aggressive action or progressive movement in the areas of life indicated.

Midpoints can pinpoint events although the more angles involved the harder it is to delineate. Using the midpoint between the two planets is often sufficed in providing additional information. Pay particular attention to the midpoints between the Sun and the Moon, and the Ascendant and the Midheaven.

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