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Pluto will affect your Sun if your sun is between 8 degrees to 27degrees of Leo.

Quincunx or Inconjuncts are always suggestive of adjustment periods. Pluto is the great planet of slow, deliberate transformation and eventual regeneration often after some struggles. The Sun has a great deal to do with setting goals and following through on these goals. The Sun can also relate to an important male in your family, usually the husband or sometimes the father. At times, it is also affiliated with your health, but much depends on the house where your natal Sun is located, the house Pluto will be transiting through as well as the house cusp ruled by Leo in the natal chart. These will all be areas of life that are in need to adjustment and going through transformations.

Pluto tends to go to the core of life and does not leave any stone unturned. Its energies will ask you to review details of the area of life indicated and make changes in order to move in a positive direction. It is necessary for you to set a course for action and objectives. To achieve some of these goals that you may be considering, you will have to make adjustments and necessary changes so that they have the potential to be fulfilled. There may be some power struggles involving those in authority and at times it will be important to pay attention to the interchange taking place rather than trying to push your ideas, even if you totally believe in them. These people in authority have something significant to offer. Take advantage of their knowledge.


Neptune will affect your natal Sun’s position if your Sun is between 2 degrees and 23 degrees of Leo. This too is an aspect of adjustment. Although these adjustment periods may be challenging, Neptune suggests that if you view your life objectively and clearly, you can work your way through any difficulties that might arise. In this case, you will have to look at which house your natal Sun is located in, which house transiting Neptune is moving through and what house cusp is ruled by Leo to get a clear picture.

Transiting Neptune does have a tendency to create a cloud of vagueness over situations and clarity should be your prime objective. Look to the house Neptune is transiting through to clarity on the area of life involved with this aspect. This uncertainty could involve your health, goals in life as well as any inner adjustments that might be required at this time. It is important to review these concerns. If there are health concerns that are hard to diagnose, this is in part of the Neptunian traits. Make sure you ask for professional assistance, and also do not allow yourself to negatively expand on these energies as a result of a negative focus. The imagination is highlighted during this time, although intuitively you may be able to see through things and view them objectively.

The suggestion on health should not be taken too literally unless there are other mitigating factors in the chart pointing toward health issues.

This aspect could also involve your occupation and life objectives. Before reacting to anything, be sure that you are viewing things clearly.

The mystical side of life may also be involved with this aspect and it will be under the same scrutiny. Stay open to inner dialogue. Review your belief structures and make sure ego does not get in the way, although Neptune is quite capable of dissipating ego.

Follow through in the direction that is appropriate for you, knowing that a positive attitude and focus is always the best tools to have in your journey.

Part two of this Leo forecast will be posted on July 26, 2017.

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