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Now that we are in the sign of Gemini, we thought we would provide our Geminian followers with a mini forecast.

Those with their Sun in Gemini will have transiting Neptune in square to this solar positioning. Transiting Neptune will be in the 13 to 16 degree marks until the end of 2018. An approaching orb of five degrees and a separating orb of 2 degrees will give those with their Sun within these parameters an energetic influence from the transit of Neptune.

It is necessary to always take into account other transits to the Sun and the houses of influence (transiting Neptune and the natal Sun as well as the natal positioning of Neptune). These other factors will describe the areas of life involved. Also have a look at the natal aspects between Neptune and the Sun as well as other natal aspects to the Sun as this will also give you a clearer understanding of how these energies might play out.

Transiting Neptune in square to the natal Sun can be difficult as a view of your objectives is often blurred under this influence, and you may feel unsure about your life’s direction. Goals may be unclear or you may build them up and put them on a pedestal. It is suggested that you present these goals to someone who will give an honest and definitive opinion before proceeding.

The Sun, in Astrology, deals with life’s direction and goals. It could relate to professional activity as well. Make sure you are seeing things clearly before moving forward. Neptune could also make you a little bit hesitant, especially so if Saturn is part of the equation. Take this into consideration and you may understand why you are hesitant with moving forward. However, do not let fear stand in the way of your progress. Remind yourself of the ego’s potential interference and stay true to yourself.

Neptune can also relate to the mystical side of life. Spirituality is strongly linked to Neptune and currently Neptune is in its natural sign of Pisces. This can potentially open doors to the mystical side of understanding. This square could make things a little rough even in this area, but pushing ahead with these objectives will allow access to the higher realms of understanding and inspiration. There may be obstacles to overcome and hills to climb but persistence and a true belief in yourself is what is required. Do not forget that although a square certainly indicates challenging condition, we can turn our squares around and make them into the same energies as trines if we believe that this is possible. Belief structure and expectation play a significant role when it comes to this transit of Neptune to the Sun.

Life’s advancement is always in our hands and Neptune’s magical energies can pave the way to fostering either awareness or presenting illusive ideas which can paint a picture far from the truth. Clear objectivity although challenged is obtainable with disciplined mental focus along with a reality check, if necessary.

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