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Part 1 has posted on July 24, 2017.

(TRANSITING SATURN TRINE NATAL SUN) (21 to 29 Degrees Sagittarius)

Saturn will affect your natal Sun in Leo if your Sun is between 12 degrees to 29 degrees Leo.

It should be noted that Saturn during the later stages, towards the end of 2017, will not only trine a Leo Sun but will also trine a Sun in Virgo up to 8 degrees.

Transiting Saturn, although often described as challenging and abrasive, will help the overall conditions set forth by the previous transits of Neptune and Pluto described in our post on July 24, 2017 for Leo. The adjustments will still be necessary but Saturn will provide some clarity to the Neptune transit and also stability and structure to both Neptune and Pluto. You will feel as though you are being tested throughout much of this period, but with careful and diligent effort to make these constructive changes to your life, you will gradually feel that things are not only settling in, but that they have the feel of stability and will stand the test of time. Saturn does make you work and put forth the effort in achieving your goals but also offers solid footings when the work is done. Do not avoid any challenging situations; deal with them accordingly and be sure not to skip any steps along the way.

Listen to any constructive criticism that might be presented to you. Listen to your superiors and those in authority. They will have helpful and constructive ideas along the way. Do not let ego get in your way.

This aspect deals more from a professional point of view and probably speaks in terms of business adventures, life goals and realistic prospects that will further your growth in professional terms as well as life lessons learned along the way. Saturn can be relied on when dealing with Neptunian concepts as mentioned and professional assistance is very helpful when called upon. Do not let the mind play with anything that you may term as negative. Be sure to follow through when you decide on a course of action that builds character and adds potential to your life.


Transiting Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and opportunities, up until the middle of October 2017, will be in sextile to your natal Sun in Leo if you Sun is between 7 to 29 degrees. Transiting Jupiter until the end of this year will also be making a sextile to those with their Sun in Virgo up to 25 degrees. Check an ephemeris to ensure what degree Jupiter is in during these periods. Jupiter moves rapidly about one degree every five days while in direct motion. As always, check which house your natal Sun is located in, which house/houses transiting Jupiter will be moving through and the house cusp which Leo is ruling in your natal chart. You can also have a look at the house your natal Jupiter resides in with all the above planets as well (Saturn, Neptune and Pluto). These will all translate into areas of life that are affected by the transits during the upcoming periods.

Jupiter above all else brings with it growth and opportunities, especially when in sextile to any planet (although its efforts are somewhat stagnated when in aspect to Saturn). Jupiter is considered the most beneficial planet in Astrology even when it is in hard aspect. Jupiter promotes growth and expansion. Jupiter is often connected with religion, spirituality, insight and inspiration especially if connected to Neptune or Uranus. Jupiter will also assist the challenging conditions brought on by Neptune and Pluto by adding insight, expansion and optimism to the overall conditions brought on by these planets.

Between Saturn bringing structure and positive reinforcement through diligent efforts on your part and Jupiter offering opportunities, with the overall lessons which have been set in place through this year for the Leo personality, growth is sure to come. Business may improve, relationships may evolve, spirituality may be enhanced and the overall conditions of life will offer solidity, growth and experiences that will add to the overall evolution during this upcoming year.

Pay attention and make the necessary adjustment being suggested by Neptune and Pluto. Let Saturn guide you through these challenges and let Jupiter offer opportunities for further development, growth and mystical unfolding through life’s experience. There is always positive growth after turmoil although the obstruction or challenge certainly does not have to be overwhelming. We grow into ourselves through life’s experiences and should welcome any challenging situations that come our way as their outcomes always promote expansion and growth.

Enjoy life and be happy. This is our birth right.

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