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Continuing from our previous Astrology post on February 27, 2019, we will go a little deeper into forecasting in the upcoming year for those born under the sign of Pisces.

We previously talked about the conjunction of Neptune to the Sun which suggests the potential for free flowing energies related to spirituality and also the potential for some illusiveness attached to what is unfolding.

In this post, we will delineate the sextile from transiting Pluto. Remember to use an orb of no more than eight degrees with you Piscean Sun’s position to see if this post applies to you. It is also important to remember that this transit will move throughout the year and that the closer it is in relationship to your Sun’s natal position (in sign and degree), the more profound its influence will be.

Sextiles are fortunate aspects and often speak of opportunities coming into our lives. In most cases these potential opportunities do not manifest without some assistance and concentrated use of these energies on our part. We have to not only allow these energies to be release but we need to push ahead so that we make the best of these opportunities. Sometimes these opportunities fall into our lap and sometimes they do not, but without a push from those experiencing the sextile, the potential for favourable outcomes is lessened.

When we speak of the Sun, we can be referring to our vitality, our life’s path, goals and aspirations and in some cases it refers to our fathers. When we put Pluto into the equation, and recalling that the energies of Pluto speak in terms of evolution, transformation and regeneration, this is what Pluto can do with these goals and objectives. Pluto has a tendency to put an end to matters that no longer serve a viable purpose in order for something new to begin. However in most cases, Pluto’s action is quite finite and absolute. There is little chance for half-way measures and it takes us to where we need to go.

Pluto generally works in subtle ways, at least at first. Its energies give us indications that a change is needed and a new direction is at hand. These energies are very powerful and if we choose not to heed what is being indicated, the energies will come toward us in a much more aggressive manner. Pluto causes disruption, sometimes through violent action, especially if this aspect were a square or opposition or even a conjunction in your chart. However, this is a sextile which signifies that the energies are more pleasant although still powerful. Pluto’s action is often inevitable and fighting the process may be useless and will likely stir up activity in a less than comfortable manner.

While deciphering these energies in your Piscean chart, it is imperative that you not only look at what houses transiting Pluto and your natal Sun are in, but you will also have to look at the natal position of Pluto and the its natal potential as well as other transits aspecting this position.

Looking into the whole picture will provide you with a clearer perspective on how these energies might play out as well as what areas of life will likely be involved. However a full review of your natal chart and the transits from other planets to natal planetary positions is always advised in order to get the full picture of the energies in force at any given time.

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