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This is a short forecast to the end of 2018 for those with their natal Sun in the sign of Aries.

The aspect that we are explaining is the square from transiting Saturn to the natal positioning of the Sun in Aries between 1 to 9 degrees. It is important to know that Saturn has an orb of influence of about 5 degrees approaching the direct degree but is the strongest at 2 degrees past direct. Its energies can be felt up to about 4 degrees past being direct (direct is when transiting Saturn is exactly the same degree as your natal Sun’s positioning). Saturn is the only planet in transit that has its most profound influence when it is past the direct degree. All other planets will have their strongest influence when they are precisely direct.

The square between transiting Saturn (in the sign of Capricorn) and the natal Sun (in the sign of Aries) can be challenging. Saturn has a tendency to test our resilience and its energies want us to work hard to reach our objectives. Saturn slows things down (as haste makes waste and promotes errors). It can feel as though Saturn presents us with obstacles to overcome and its energies want us to take the necessary time to prepare for almost anything. If we decide on moving quickly without the proper forethought and preparatory work, we are likely to fall short of reaching our goal.

If we prepare properly and do not skip any of the prerequisites, the outcome of the job well done will be rewarding.

Our natal Sun’s energies often speak of our personal objectives and when in aspect, its energies will prompt our ability to push forward with our goals and aspirations. This can involve our occupation, our schooling and educational pursuits as well as any general plans that we might be trying to implement into our life.

The square from Saturn is quite challenging and as mentioned will prove to supply the necessary lessons required to reach our goals. Saturn in any aspect can make things feel difficult, never mind the normal influence of a square aspect. These current objectives may involve personal things, such as relationships of importance especially if the seventh house or Ascendant are involved in your personal chart. It may also speak in terms of the husband or the father meeting some challenging conditions. It can speak of our health, our home, our children, our finances, our friends but again much depends on which houses are involved. The houses in Astrology indicate the areas of life being influenced. Check which house your natal Sun is located in, the house that Saturn is transiting through as well as the natal location of Saturn in the birth chart. A delineation of the whole chart should be undertaken before drawing conclusion based on any one aspect.

With the square we are referring to in this post, be sure not to skip any steps along the way. Expect some delays and obstacles to present themselves and be ready and willing to put forth the energy necessary to succeed. You may find when taking the appropriate steps, your goals might not only be reached but may even be surpassed.

Although Saturn’s energies can make experiences feel somewhat difficult when it makes an aspect, it is important to recognize that without challenges in life we would not learn as readily and we would never learn determination, perseverance, persistence and appreciation.

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