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Today, we will be touching on Saturn and Pluto both in the sign of Capricorn and their effects on an individual with their Sun in Leo.

For those individuals with their Sun in the sign of Leo, you will be experiencing the quincunx between your Sun and Saturn for the rest of 2018 and throughout all of 2019. You will have to check on the degree of your Sun to see when these energies will be at their peak. (An exact quincunx between Saturn and the Sun is when Saturn is exactly 150 degrees from your Sun in Leo).

Saturn is the taskmaster, the teacher and its energies challenge you to get your life in order, to seriously check things out and make any necessary adjustments. However, this is not something that goes by without some kind of valuable lesson and it is a must that you take an honest review or inventory on life.

You will have to take a disciplined approach to tackle anything that comes your way and in particular any obligations and duties that must be met. This could include your profession, your goals in life, your ambitions, any restrictions and anything that may take some time to orchestrate into a forward motion. Check the house transiting Saturn and the natal Sun are in for further clarification into what areas of life will be involved.

Pluto on the other hand deals with transformation and regeneration often implying some type of power struggle, perhaps with authority figures especially when these two planets combine later in 2020. Changes are undoubtedly in store and life’s direction may suddenly change due to adapting to new conditions. This will be brought on by transiting Uranus (this aspect to Uranus will only apply to those with their sun in the early degrees of Leo).

It is important to recognize that Pluto and Saturn, although working through different energies, will bring forth what needs to be put in place as time passes. Saturn tests our resilience and will eventually lay a more solid foundation which is able to stand the test of time. Pluto although quite disruptive also points us in the right direction and may force change or force us to adapt to life’s conditions as we move towards our life’s objectives.

Remember, nothing in life is by chance and these occurrences are put in place to foster growth and teach as we develop and grow.

Adjustments are necessary along the way, which at times, may be a little overwhelming, but if we learn to go with the flow rather than fight what is taking place, the adjustments will be welcomed and recognized for what they truly are.

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