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For those with their Sun in Scorpio from 13 degrees to about 24 degrees, you have been experiencing Transiting Pluto making a sextile to your natal Sun throughout 2018 and will be experiencing this sextile well into 2019, but much will depend on the degree of your Sun. You can use a 5 degree orb approaching and a 2 degree orb separating to your natal Sun’s degree.

This is a very favourable position and you can use the energies of Pluto which deals with transformation and regeneration as well as deep reflective study to energize your personal plans. This could include your life objectives linked to personal exploration, your goals in life which could include your career plans, schooling or any other aspirations that you may have.

Sextiles speak of opportunities and are activation energies for your objectives. A sextile can help you create needed change or help select a course of action that can promote positive outcomes. It will be necessary to reflect and go inward, to study your inner dialogue for these to come to fruition. You have to ensure that you want to move ahead with these plans as quite often once you take the step forward there may be no turning back. Pluto tends to put an end to things that are no longer service your internal needs. It then replaces what has been released with something more appropriate to your current evolutionary growth.

The thing with Sextiles (60 degree aspect) is that you often have to do some work in order to achieve what you set out to do. Sometimes things just fall in your lap, but more often than not, you have to be the agent of change so that these transpire in your life.

This would be a great time to make things happen in your life.

To get a clearer understanding of what this might entail, have a look at what house Pluto is transiting through, as well as the house placement of your natal Sun. These will help define what areas of life are now being activated. Also have a look at where natal Pluto is in your chart. This location will further define the areas of life generating potential activity that can be advantageous for opportunities. Take advantage of the energies in place under this influence.

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