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This forecast is for those born under the sun sign of Sagittarius.

We mentioned in our previous post on November 22, 2019 that Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn are making semi-sextiles to those who have their Sun sign in Sagittarius during this upcoming year. We also talked about how semi-sextiles are an opportunity aspect with ties to being in the right place at the right time. See our post from November 22, 2019 “Sun in Sagittarius 2019” for details.

Pluto is direct from October 2, 2019 until April 25, 2020, when it goes into retrograde from this April date until October 4, 2020.

When Pluto is in its direct motion, it moves from 20 degrees 38 minutes to 24 degree 59 minutes. During this time of direct motion, Pluto’s energies are not hampered, and they are allowed full expression. Pluto’s orb of influence is 5 degrees approaching and 2 degrees separating. As a result, if your Sun falls within these degrees, Pluto will be making the semi-sextile to your Sun in 2020. When Pluto is in retrograde motion, its energies are not allowed full expression. They are restricted.

Pluto provides power and influence to any planet it touches. While Pluto is direct, it is said to have the power to lead the multitudes and create massive change in an outward expression. While it is retrograde, as mentioned, it is not allowed full expression and is hampered somewhat. Under retrograde influence, Pluto is more tied to following the masses rather than leading them. The changes it offers up are more internal and personal in nature although it can also have an effect on others although more in a perceived negative response.

While connected to the Sun using the above mentioned orb of influence, the semi-sextile will provide opportunities and the potential of being in the right place at the right time, in areas related to goals in life and life objectives sometime come into view. Transformations take place and regeneration of plans set forth prior to this time now may seem to fall into place. Sometimes we have to work towards these objectives and other times they appear to fall into our lap. But the timing seems perfect, and it will be up to the Sagittarius individual to take advantage of these opportunities and use them accordingly.

In retrograde motion, they may have to work a little harder to orchestrate these plans and if Pluto crosses over the same degree as the Sun sign’s position, they may find that the final forward motion is the best opportunity to advance. Semi-sextiles actually have a smaller orb of influence due to the fact that they are considered minor aspects. As a result, use an approaching orb of 2 degrees and a separating orb of 1 degree as the orb of influence. All major aspects have a larger degree of influence than minor aspects.

These goals that the influenced Sag individual might be pursuing can be very personal in nature and could include occupational advancement or achievement, path clarification, marriage partnership, business associates and personal objectives such as health related plans which can be set in motion. If they choose to follow these actions, they can lead to better health and wellness. These individuals may be spiritually centred and may pursue these types of goals. There may also be power opportunities and a general push for advancement in life.

2020 is a good year for those that fall into this category to pursue what matters most to them and if they follow up they might very well find that they ARE in the right place at the right time.

It can certainly be beneficiary to use astrology to help plan. We should always take advantage of the opportunities at hand to advance in the direction of choice. Sagittarius Sun individuals can enjoy and make sure that they use this fortunate position to not only advance their personal experiences but also to promote the same for others. Karma can be a wonderful thing although we should be moving ahead helping others without regard for what it might bring back our way. This is true love and provides a great sense of fulfillment.

If you are interested in obtaining further information on the energies affecting your life as a Sagittarius individual (or any Sun sign for that matter), the length of time they will last and the areas of life affected, we can prepare a chart of your choice to provide you with valuable information which can be applied to your life’s mission and the path you are on. There may be many other avenues of expression available to you.

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