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As this post is written in April of 2019, the aspects indicated will primarily fit this specific time period although you can use your ephemeris to track the movement of these transits to the natal position of your Sun in Aries.

Saturn will move into conjunction with Pluto from February 2019 throughout the rest of the year and then make a tight conjunction in the beginning of 2020 waning off a little later into 2020. This is a long lasting aspect and the energies of Saturn along with the energies of Pluto can pack a pretty powerful punch. These energies are not considered overly favourable; however, there is always positivity in the lessons regardless of what energies are in place.

This does suggest a potentially trying time where dedicated work and close self analysis should be involved. But as with all things, there is a choice on how we handle any aspect.

Pluto on its own is a powerfully transformative agent that pushes for change, often through disruptive and finite means. Its energies are suggestive of deep reflection and sometimes this involves self-analysis with an honest approach which over time uncovers deep information and the need for adjustments and then reconciliation. When Pluto is conjoined with Saturn, the teacher and disciplinarian, work is required which is often accompanied with obstacles or hard lessons. There should be no hurry or rush to resolve these deep issues. As you can imagine, these two energies together are intense and there is a need to create transformation. This is not a want; this is a requirement.

A square aspect will affect those individuals with their sun between 14 to 28 degrees in Aries. When these energies are aspected by square to the Sun in Aries, action in required for these individuals to move ahead and go beyond the obstacles.

The Sun deals with our core identity and also has a great deal to do with our life’s objectives; so these changes are personal in nature and will also affect the Aries individual’s life’s path.

Do not forget that this conjunction between Saturn and Pluto affects everyone regardless of their Sun sign, but those with their Sun in Aries are subject to the square aspect while others will have to investigate to know what aspect their Sun sign is making to this conjunction between Saturn and Pluto.

For example, those with their Sun in the earth signs and in orb of this influence will have a trine between the Sun and this Saturn/Pluto conjunction. The most powerful would be those with their Sun in Capricorn as this would be the conjunction of all three, Sun, Saturn and Pluto.

We can always work our way through life’s periodic time of emphatic change and if these issues seem to be too much to handle on your own, professional help is certainly suggested and available. Each of us have to be the judge for ourselves as to whether we confidently feels we can overcome issues on our own or with guidance from someone else. Reaching out does not make you weak. We have a lot more strength and resilience than we often give ourselves credit for and can build on this working alone or with others.

In many cases, this influence will have a powerful impact in our lives and these energies may be in place for an extended duration. We have the strength and we can take whatever time is required to challenge any issue. It is important not to just react but to take control under the influence of any stimuli or circumstance to use or take advantage of whatever energies are implied by the aspect in our personal chart. Checking the houses involved and aspects from other transits at this time will be important to get the full picture.

Pluto and Saturn together with the Natal Sun suggest uncovering any obstructions that lie beneath the surface and facing them with objective reasoning. Saturn’s energy has to do with life lessons and periodic testing as well as creating a concrete action plan that will eventually solidify resolutions to any issue that may be present.

After meeting the challenges and learning the lessons indicated by the aspect between the Natal Sun and the Saturn/Pluto conjunction, transiting Jupiter will conjunct this placement in May of 2019, and if other planetary alignments agree, this can be a time of growth and expansion and lessons well learned.

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