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As you can imagine there would be a great difference between the Sun conjunct Jupiter and the Sun conjunct Saturn.

Jupiter will be having its own effects for those with their Sun in the early to mid-degrees of Capricorn, (from 0 to about 17-18 degrees Capricorn). This conjunct will begin in early December and last until mid-February of 2020.

Of course, you will have to look to see if there are other modifying transiting planetary influences in the chart to get a full picture of what this conjunction of Jupiter and the Sun would mean in your particular case. Jupiter would tend to bring forth opportunities and growth particularly in areas related to goals in life. This could include occupation, structural ideologies and plans set forth that would generate development over the long haul. Capricorn knows that it takes time and energy to achieve objectives if you want something feasible and structurally sound.

Jupiter has a tendency for exaggeration and is often associated with “the big plan” and sometimes we overestimate what is potentially available to us. However the higher we aim in many cases the higher we attain, so sometimes it is okay to have lofty ideas in place when Jupiter is part of the process.

Some individuals will seek out new adventures through travel, although in many cases a place that has familiarity to it might be more pleasing than somewhere completely foreign to us, (for those with their Sun in Capricorn).

When Jupiter meets up with Saturn, (we should also mention its connection with Pluto for those with their Sun in Capricorn in these degrees), the story changes direction. Along with the desire to expand on plans and objectives, these Capricorn individuals may now encounter some restriction and potential worries about possible outcomes. They may experience transformations to their plans and setbacks or time restrictions due to these other energies entering into the picture. Their focus will almost certainly be too lofty while at the same time too restrictive. Finding a happy medium is what will be required.

Saturn and Pluto together pack a mighty punch and this combination will be intensified in January and February of 2020. Jupiter sits on the edge of influence of both these giants in our solar system in early March and then weans off from the influence of Saturn but stays strong with Pluto from March to November/December of 2020. The influence of Pluto will be one of transformation to goals and aspirations and potentially their path in life. At the same time, this will be influencing Capricorn individuals’ inner self and the changes they will want to address as time goes by. This is a powerful energy and will have profound influences well into the 2020 year ahead.

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