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In our last post on January 5, 2018, we discussed the aspect between Transiting Pluto and the natal Sun. Now we go one step further and look at the conjunction between transiting Venus and the Sun. Also, we will review how these aspects tie into the energies of Pluto.

Venus went into Capricorn on December 26, 2017 and stays in this sign until January 19, 2018. The Conjunction between transiting Pluto and transiting Venus will be the strongest from January 4 to 15, 2018, but especially powerful in and around January 8 to 11. This becomes very powerful if you also have your Sun in Capricorn between 17 and 22 degrees.

Transiting Venus and Pluto in conjunction with the Sun could speak in terms of romantic relationships and the potential for an increase in finances, in love relationships, with friends and particularly with important women in your life. The house position of transiting Venus and Pluto as well as the natal Sun will help to explain how these energies might express themselves. If, for example, the second or eighth houses are involved, you may find that your finances go through changes. If this is the second house, you may have to pursue these avenues to increase your prosperity. If the house is the eighth house, you may find that shared resources, inheritance or legacies play a part in what takes place.

When it comes to relationships check the fifth house for romantic potential, or the seventh for partnerships of significance such as potential marriage alliance or business associates.

If this conjunction occurs in the tenth house or sixth house, this influence may involve your occupation, the working environment and co-workers.

Check to see if you have an aspect between Venus and Pluto in your natal chart as well as any alignment with your natal Sun to get a clearer understanding of the potential areas of life that will be affected by this conjunction.

Venus and Pluto together do indicate some rather dramatic changes in potential relationships or with the income.

With love affair, the energies will need some transformations to take place or changes within the closeness of the union. Some will heighten while others that no longer serve a purpose can alter significantly, even to the point of dissolution. If this is the case, it will be due to the fact that this relationship has served its purpose. It may be best to move forward and let things pass away so that new doors can open.

Remember there is always a positive to life’s experiences, no matter how intrusive the experience is today. Often times we learn our greatest lessons from less than desirable experiences. Use the energies wisely and see where things take you.

Life is full of surprises and wonderful experiences. Take advantage of the energies at hand.

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