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This forecast will be for those with their Sun in Libra. We enter the sign of Libra today, September 22, 2021.

Transiting Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn at 24 degrees (remaining in Capricorn for a few years) making a Square to Sun in Libra. The Square is considered a challenging aspect as it speaks of obstacles to overcome and is often accompanied with some degree of stress. Pluto disrupts the normal flow, pushes for change and transforms to such a degree that you may not recognize what was in place prior to these energies. It takes time to reorient yourself around what has taken place as the events unfold. This will affect those with their Sun in Libra between 22 and 29 degrees.

Transiting Neptune is in the sign of Pisces (21 degrees currently in retrograde and will remain in retrograde until December 2, 2021). It does not move much over this time and once it goes direct its energies will be released with no interference. Planets are allowed full expression when moving in direct motion and held back to some degree or challenged while in their retrograde cycle.

Those with their Sun in Libra between 19-24 degrees will experience a sextile from transiting Neptune well into the spring or early summer, 2022. Sextiles are more favourable than the dreaded Square aspect. Sextiles promote opportunities and growth and in many cases with Neptune can speak of a more mystical approach to life or with a more artistic flair. Since Pluto and Neptune will be affecting those with this placement together, transformations and opportunities are at hand with a change of life’s course in a new and more aligned manner.

Those with their Sun in Libra from about 10-18 degrees will be experiencing the trine from transiting Uranus which is in Taurus (currently around 14 degrees in retrograde). Uranus goes direct on January 18, 2022 at 10 degrees. This is also considered an exceptionally favourable aspect although it will not be affecting those with their Sun in the later degrees of Libra. Trines speak of easy flow, opportunities, and fortunate conditions. They are what we wait for and if we choose to apply these energies things can move along quite nicely. Lucky and timely elements are often at hand.

As with all transits to our natal positions, you must take into consideration the houses that are being affected as well as the natal aspects related to the planets involved. This will give a clear understanding of what to expect and how we can maneuver our way forward in life. It should also be understood that the challenging aspects are useful due to the push they provide for us to find ways to overcome the adversity. These aspects are what bring the greatest changes in life and their lessons are what build resources and growth.

Happy birthday to our Libra friends!

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