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There will be times in life when we have to stop for a moment and recognize we made a judgement call that did not turn out the way we planned and because of this we call it a mistake. These so called errors or wrong turns may not be a mistake at all but a valuable lesson moving forward. There are specific learning tools placed at our disposal at every turn in our lives. These tools force us to make decisions. We are not at the mercy of events. They are actually there for us to gain valuable information which we can draw from at a later date.

These so called errors in judgement should not be viewed as mistakes, and the lessons they teach should not be taken lightly. We ARE to travel this road for experience.

Instead of viewing these events as errors and allowing ourselves to be fixated on feelings of doubt and uncertainty (ego reaction), we must accept the event as a growth period. Be thankful for the event. If all that comes from the experience is self doubt and sadness, we have not learned our lesson and invite another event to unfold to re-teach the lesson as this lesson is imperative in our soul’s growth. If it were not, we would not have experienced it. The second round of the lessons may be somewhat disguised but the core remains the same. Often our lessons when not confronted and acknowledged properly, returns with more vigor and dealing with them the next time round will be a little more tedious. Our higher self knows that the lesson is important in our development so the second round will be more difficult to ensure that the lesson is learned. It is suggested that we pay attention when we are in a moment of truth and take the necessary time to make the proper adjustments to the situation at hand.

From time to time, we will make what we perceive as “mistakes” and “poor judgements calls” along our life’s road. Do not be hard on yourself for these decisions or actions. Do not fear these lessons. Celebrate your development. Without these lessons we would stagnate. We truly need these challenges to push us in the appropriate direction.

When life’s next decision presents itself, analyse, organize and move forward informed. Have no regrets and take action. Understand that the lesson might have an outcome completely different than we intended, but the experience will guide us to our next level. Everything in life has meaning and we are always on track. We are never off route of our true course.

Embrace these experiences and understand their significance and know that you are not alone in this venture. We share this life and all of its experiences. Part of that experience is to lend a helping hand when someone goes through a traumatic life experience. It is not our job to resolve it for them but to let them know we too are learning these lessons and they are not alone.

It is our commitment to uphold love and compassion. Be one with life and learn your lessons well.

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