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Mixed Emotions From Within

What is your perception of right and wrong? Do you battle with what you think if right and what you feel is right? How can you determine if you are living within the boundaries of right and wrong? Have you ever questioned how much the mind’s interferes with your definition? Are your guidelines based on a knowing or a taught definition?

Is the way you live your life within the framework of what you “believe” to be the truth for you?

Our minds do tend to interfere with our perceptions of our own personal definition of truth, but ultimately, we still make the decisions. Whether we adhere to the mind’s constant interruptions or whether we decide to challenge our mind is a choice. If we find that we are battling with the substance of our own perceptions, we have to question why. Do we act out of love and following our heart which creates our boundaries? Do we follow guidelines set out before us and create our boundaries mentally based on what we have been taught? Do we act out of guilt and thereby set personal expectations based on how others think we should act? It is worth taking the time to review these questions.

If we are truly confused or indecisive, it is okay to consult our higher self or guides through mediation or prayer. Ask for assistance.

We are truly feeling creatures and often we can find our answers on a personal emotional level.

If we eliminate the mind’s influence and through internal reflection we find that a portion of who we are or what we do is not in line with our own personal principles, what should we change? Are these changes helpful in moving forward with our soul’s journey or are they only contemplated from outside pressures?

Live within the guidelines of your own perception of truth which can only be based on love. If it does not feel right then do not trust in it, do not adhere to it and above all else do not identify with it. Identifying with something makes it ours.

If it does not feel right, it is not a part of us. We are the creator of our own guidelines. No one but self can decide what course of action is right for us. We must follow our loving hearts.

When we make the right decisions, these decisions will resonates with us. Eradicate the whispers of expectations from others for others do not experience or understand our personal loving energies. These loving energies from within are our guides to joy, to allowing our hearts to shine and to illuminating our true path.

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