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Moon in Cancer in Astrology

Today we will take a look at the Moon’s position in the sign of Cancer. If the Moon is located in the fourth house, there will be some similarities to what we are about to write, as Cancer is the natural ruler of this house.

The Moon defines our emotional needs and our instinctual reactions to life’s events. It does not deal with the mind but may be influenced by our belief structure or our mental outlook. The mind is ruled by Mercury and some with Mercury in Cancer will relate to some of these attributes as well.

This is a very sensitive placement for the Moon although it is quite comfortable in this placement, as the Moon is ruled by the sign of Cancer. Sensitivity is the key word and many with this placement in their charts are ruled by their emotions. They feel intensely and have difficulty separating other people’s feelings from their own. This makes them very caring and nurturing to those in emotional need. It is part of their nature to care for others even when other people might not want their help.

They are the nurtures of the Zodiac and have a compassion nature. Moon in Cancer individuals are sympathetic to other peoples’ plights. They are very mothering and often are over-protective of others, especially family members. They are always caring for other people’s emotional needs and must realize that their own emotional needs also have to be addressed. In general, their feelings can get away from them and dealing with hard emotional facts can either be a great strength or a powerful adversary.

These individuals tend to give it their all when it comes to emotions and they feel their way through life, rather than intellectualizing their emotions. Many are psychic sponges picking up all of the little subtleties in their surroundings. Their instinct is strong and they often pick up what is going on in other people’s lives. It has been suggested that the psychic realms hold great interest with those with this placement.

The moon is often in a water sign, a water house and/or there is a Grand Water Trine when the psychic inclinations run deep. Moon in Cancer is a prime example of this. Intuition also runs very deep and these individuals can usually rely on these feelings to guide them through life.

The more challenging ramifications include over-sensitivity and emotional outbursts at the drop of a hat. Some become pessimistic and insecure during times of deep emotional interaction. These individuals need to find ways to use their emotional responses in a creative form. Being psychic, they can lend a hand and help others work through their more difficult life phases. They truly want to be of help and will find creative ways to be responsive to the needs of those around them.

Some with this lunar position keep their sensitivity well hidden even though they are emotional sponges. Some become so wrapped up in their emotions and feel trapped within the emotions, they can become depressed and feel as though they are victims of their own sensitivity. It is best if they face their own sensitivities head on. Moon in Cancer individuals need to deal with their emotions rather than let them build and allowing these emotions to seemingly become monsters.

It is simply a part of Moon in Cancer individuals’ nature to be emotional, and they can certainly use this ability to understand and assist those who want their help.

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