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Moon in Pisces in Astrology

The Moon in Pisces is an extremely sensitive sign placement and often provides people with the Moon in this sign or the Moon in the twelfth house with strong psychic inclinations. They are very emotional in their nature and not very practical or earthy. These individuals usually are apt to pursue a profession that involves caring for others or charity work. Some view these sensitive individuals as spaced-out as they are often more in touch with what cannot be seen rather than being consumed by material possessions or professional advancement.

They are very deep people who unintentionally absorb other people’s feelings often mistaking these feels as their own. This is something that they will need to work on in order to not become overwhelmed by the emotions of others. They are psychic sponges and are also very compassionate souls who will need time alone to evaluate life’s circumstances and recharge their emotional batteries.

They do not take well to insults or rejections of any kind. They feel things deeply and neither take well to other people’s criticism nor overly aggressive individuals and their actions. Their world is a feeling one and they can judge the environment before meeting anyone or knowing what is transpiring at any given time.

These people are gentle souls who genuinely care about others. They are soft-hearted and because of this may be taken advantage of especially by those with sob stories. They will have to learn (and probably the hard way) who is genuine and who actually needs their help. You will find them involved in a spiritual cause or in religious groups and also in groups of like-minded people.

Many of these individuals find it very difficult to deal with some of life’s more tumultuous conditions and they have a desire to escape these life experiences. Because of this, there are dangers of becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol in order to try to avoid these difficult situations that we all have to face at some point in our life. Facing cold hard facts head on is often very trying and they will gain resilience and strength when they actually do try to cope with life’s hardships.

Because of their great sensitivity and strong imagination they are often able to decipher dreams and can use their gifts of psychic ability to assist those around them, as long as they learn how to separate themselves from others’ emotionally. Their great imagination can also assist them in uncovering life’s mysteries and many use these talents and their emotional sensitivity to make great writers, poets, musicians and artists.

If you are looking for someone who will walk that mile in your shoes and share your most emotional experiences, these are the people that make great friends and the ones that will understand you when no one else seems to.

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