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Mars in Astrology is reflective of our energy and drive. Mars can be the driving force behind our achievements and always suggests action and push. Mars, depending on what sign it is in within our chart, can be our motivating force. Mars is our ambition and is considered masculine energy. It speaks about our sexual expression and our urge to procreate. When in transit, (current day location) Mars’ energies are being activated when ambitions are aroused and there is a need for aggressive force. Mars is not only energetic it can be compulsive, forceful to the point of recklessness and is often part of the picture along with Uranus or Pluto when accidents occur or violence is experienced.

The Moon has to do with our emotional expression and our need to nurture others. The sign position as well as the house position is important when defining our lunar expression.

The house position is also important when we speak of Mars and in many cases this is where we place much of our energy. The Moon is reflective of our mothering instincts and our emotional interaction and verbal exchange when linked to Mercury. The Moon often speaks of the mother or more nurturing parent, while Mars may depict a young masculine figure. The Moon is our instinctive response to our immediate environment. It has been called our reigning need and is feminine in its expression. The Moon’s sign and house position is our emotional expression to the world.

When the Moon and Mars are found together depending on sign and aspect, Mars will push our emotional expression in a vigorous manner. In trine together, the Moon and Mars operate in a more pleasant manner although the energy of Mars will enhance the emotional expression. Trines speak of easy flow and favourable outcomes, and this trine would suggest that the emotional release comes through actively.

There may be a strong need to protect and manage any emotional conditions. This individual would defend anyone who is in an emotionally charged situation if the situation were to get out of hand. As the Moon is linked to the mother or nurturing parent, this parent may have been very protective of their children and would remain diligent in their efforts until a resolution was found. This parent may, however, become aggressive in this interaction. The nurturing parent would likely have no problems stepping in when they felt they were needed and their children could depend on them to make sure no one was hurt, especially in emotional terms.

The Moon trine Mars in the natal chart suggests that there would be little holding back concerning the emotional expression, although the Moon’s sign would be a determining factor. Someone with a Moon in Aries trine the Mars may be much more aggressive in emotional expression and would say whatever is on their mind. Alternatively someone with their Moon in Pisces would be much more reluctant with their emotional expression and would release in a much softer manner.

The Moon in Capricorn may find emotional release through tried and tested behaviour, although this individual would be challenged in their emotional release, even appearing emotionally reticent. The Moon in Scorpio would likely be much more forceful although still restrained in their emotional expression.

Mars has been known to be explosive in its energy release, especially if Mars is in Aries, Leo or Scorpio and can be hard to keep under wraps although in Scorpio it may fester before release.

As mentioned earlier, Mars is also linked to our sex drive and once again much depends on the sign it is in; although in trine to the Moon, its release can be softer than let’s say if it was conjunct Pluto. Mars in Aries, Taurus, Scorpio can be seductive (especially in Scorpio), aggressive and intrusive (especially in Aries) and romantic (especially in Taurus). Mars and Venus together and also other aspects to this placement will play a significant role in determining our sexual expression.

Mars and the Moon together by hard aspect can be challenging, but in easy aspect like the trine or sextile can work favourably together.

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