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Moon in Virgo in Astrology

This post is for those individuals with the Moon in Virgo or in the sixth house (ruled by Virgo). The Moon defines your emotional response to the world around you. The sign it is in takes on some of the defining characteristics of the Sun in Virgo, although you have to take these characteristics and apply them to the emotional makeup of the individual. The positive qualities linked to any sign, therefore, would be suggestive of how an individual would emotionally react on a more constructive level, while the negative or challenging traits suggested would be emotional issues that this individual may have when under stress.

In general, Moon in Virgo people are generally quite happy especially when busy and putting things that matter into proper perspective and alignment. Their lives are under control when emotionally aligned and they are not the types that require monetary security or many material objects to keep them happy. They can be quite happy with the little things life offers, and are most happy when they are busy managing their lives.

Some of these busy individuals, similar to Gemini people, can be skeptical because of their ability to deeply analyse most any situation. They do pick up the tiniest of faults in situations and people, and they are particularly picky with how they view themselves. Everything has to be in order and practicality is very important to their emotional well-being. If life is out of order and things are not in proper perspective, they can become emotionally moody although usually their emotions are contained.

Virgo Moon people like to be of help to those in need and a career in assisting others is right up their alley. They would also do well in fields related to nutrition as this is also very important to them. They can be quite helpful when it comes to finding solutions to many of life’s problems, because they can decipher the issue and using their practicality come up with a viable solution that would benefit most anyone.

They are certainly great problem solvers, but at the same time will also dig up anything that needs correcting. Their intensions are good, but sometimes people really do not want their lives dissected and put out in the open in order to manage the issues or resolve the crisis. Moon in Virgo need to understand that sometimes people want life to sit as it is until they are ready to do something about it.

When it comes to relationships, Virgo Moon can be quiet and unassuming, and they are very kind to those they love. Many would be considered shy when it comes to love and even reserved in their mannerisms. Sex is not an open topic and can be intimidating to some. However with their need for service and with an aim to please high on the agenda, once they give themselves to another it is usually for keeps. They are not the wondering type, although will pick up any flaws within the relationship and then try to fix the problem.

They find security in the little things that life offers and are very happy when all the little corners of life are in order. With their great concern for running a life that is well balanced, they make great accountants and will enjoy making sure the bills are paid on time. A little appreciation goes a long way when it comes to their abilities. They need to feel needed and also love it when someone pays attention to the details they put into everything.

As long as Virgo Moon people have a steady routine and a rewarding career perhaps in the service fields or where they are helping others, their emotional stability remains intact. Life has to offer them something that they can call their own. If they can find a place where organization and the analysing of everyday details is part of the routine, this ensures that they will always be happy and content with their lives.

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