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There are two nodes in Astrology - the north node and the south node.

The north node is tied to your life’s direction and the purpose behind this life, while the south node defines what comes easy to you and could well be something learned in a past life and what you need to steer clear of during this life. This does not suggesting that you cannot use the abilities suggested by the South Node’s in your life but it is suggesting that you have come into this life to work towards manifesting the North Node energies defined by its sign position and house placement along with aspects from other planets or angles to the North Node.

The south node supplies you with valuable information that you have brought with you. Some suggest that this has been brought forward from a previous incarnation which you can utilize in this life. These are the things or information in life that just seems to come very natural to you. Falling back into the South Node’s energies indicated by its sign and house position may feel comfortable, but you have come to fulfill the purpose of the North Node position. Throughout your life you will find that events push you in the direction of your North Node energies.

The planetary links to the North Node along with any angles that might be tied to the North Node are something that you need to utilize and develop in this life. The North Node is said to have similarities to the Sun and Jupiter while the South Node has connections to Saturn.

The planets and the aspects that link up to these two nodes should be treated in the same manner as any other planets’ energies in the Astrology chart. The aspects are also treated as any other aspects in the chart. The planetary energies tie in with the Nodes and emphasize what these energies imply.

For example, Mars tied to the South Node may indicate that in a previous life you were a fighter or someone with an aggressive temper or a leader who lead others through force, a dictator of sorts.

The North Node tied to Mars may suggest that in this life you are to pursue your objectives with vigor and use your inherent strength to accomplish what you set out to do. Mars would give you the force to address what the sign and house position of the North Node is suggesting.

When a transiting planet conjuncts the North Node (lets use Uranus for an example), this may be a time when you should follow the desire to break free from any type of restrictions that have held you back and have stopped you from achieving what the North Node is suggesting. This may happen on the spur of the moment and without warning because of Uranus’ energies. With a conjunct to Uranus, it may push you in a direction that requires immediate decision making and the desire for something new and enterprising especially if the North Node is in the sign of Aries for example.

If Uranus were transiting your South Node, this would suggest that it is not the time to do these things and that you should weigh things out before making any commitment to change or follow a new life direction. It warns of sudden decisions that might hamper you later in life. Rash decision making would not be recommended. You should take time to ponder your actions before making any moves regardless of the desire to move ahead in a new direction under this Uranus influence.

You should check the house that your North Node or South Node are in to give you further information about what areas of life are involved. You could also check which house your natal Uranus is in (with this example) to add to the underlying information being provided to you through the chart.

In most cases with our Uranus example, if you take the time suggested with the South Node (and remember the South Node has similarities to Saturn’s actions) you can make informed decisions rather than jumping, which jumping is what Uranus would want from you.

The North Node and Uranus however, would suggest that you take that giant step and move in that intended direction in your life, as the North Node is similar in its action to Jupiter and usually provides good fortune and positive outcomes.

You always need to look at the overall picture of what is happening in your chart before making any life changing decisions no matter what one single part of your chart is suggesting.

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