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In our posts on June 22 and 25, 2018 we focused on the Moon and aspects to it. Today we will look at the Moon sign and the effects of the element it is in.

The Moon, as defined by Noel Tyle, is our reigning need. It is our emotional expression, as well as our link to family and the past. It defines our mother and often the aspect between the Sun and Moon describe the relationship between our parents. This in turn affects us in many ways and our emotions are included in this influence. The Moon can speak of our past and early upbringing and will also speak about our relationship with our mother which is often defined by aspects to the Moon from other planets.

The sign position of our natal Moon plays a significant role in our emotional reactions to life’s events and is representative of our emotional disposition. For example, the difference between someone with their Moon in a water sign and someone with their Moon in an air sign can vary significantly in their emotional expression. Those with their Moon in a water sign are usually very sensitive and feel their way through life. Those with their Moon in an air sign are sensitive to emotional interaction from a mental perspective and can be emotionally stimulated by their thoughts and verbal expressions.

Someone with their Moon in Pisces (element of water) would be considered very sensitive to their surroundings and would easily pick up on the vibrations of those around them as well as their environment. Those with the Moon sign cannot help but express themselves in an emotional manner. They have no issues with the release of emotions. Some will consider their emotional state rather weak or hard to control. Remember, however, that if there are other more strong influences in the chart these characteristics can be watered down. It is important to look as the Astrology chart as a whole.

Someone with their Moon in the Air sign of Aquarius would relate to their emotional experience through logic and come from a mental perspective, possibly analysing their emotions. They would also keep their emotions on the inside. Some feel that those with their Moon in Aquarius are emotionally restrained and withdrawn. They may even seem emotionally cold and would have a hard time expressing themselves with a natural emotional reaction to any life event.

Those with their Moon in Earth signs are practical when it comes to emotional interaction and wish to define themselves constructively in emotional terms, particularly those with their Moon in the sign of Virgo.

While those with their Moon in Aquarius are withdrawn or unable to express their emotional expression, those with their Moon in Capricorn react similar and appear cold in their emotional expression. The difference between someone with their Moon in Aquarius and someone with their Moon in Capricorn is that those with the Aquarius Moon might actually be emotionally diluted because of their mental reasoning abilities, while those with their Moon in Capricorn are actually very emotional but prefer to keep these intense feelings on the inside. They want to appear emotionally in control.

Those with their Moon in a fire sign such as Aries would have a more aggressive emotional expression sometimes releases through anger or they could be passionate with their emotional release whether in a loving nature or a defensive one. These individuals can be quite abrupt with their emotional expression.

Which element is your Moon found in?

The Moon’s influence certainly is different depending on what Astrology sign (element) it is in. June 29, 2018, we will focus on the Moon and its house position.

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