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In our posts on June 22 and 25, 2018, we focused on the Moon and aspects to it. June 27 we looked at the Moon sign and the effects of the element it is in. Today, we will focus on the Moon and its house position.

The Moon’s influence certainly is different depending on what house it is located in. As most of us understand, houses are areas of life in the Astrology chart and our Moon’s placement by sign and house will determine how we react to life’s events in a specific way.

Someone with their Moon in the second house at birth will find that finances and security are key factors in their life. They may spend a lot of time preparing for their future and their retirement plans might begin early in life, especially if they have their Moon in an earth sign such as Taurus.

Someone with their Moon in the tenth house might differ from someone with their Moon in the second house as they would be emotionally concerned with their rise in the material world (as would the second house) but those concerns for someone with the Moon in their tenth house would be through ways connected to their career and public standing in the community.

Someone with their Moon in the seventh house might be emotionally drawn to relationships of significance and may place a great amount of importance on their choice of marriage partner.

Moon in the eleventh house might find solace and emotional contentment with close friends or groups of individuals that are of like-mind.

Of course, the picture would become more clear when we look into the angles between the Moon and other planets as the angles will certainly colour our emotional expression and our ability to express these. So not only do we have to look at our Moon by sign and house, we also have to look at the Moon by aspect in our natal chart to get the full picture of this emotional area of our life.

While the sign position is very important and the house position is the area of life where our emotional vibrations can be released or expressed or hindered because of sign or aspect, we also have to remember the natural rulers of each house. Beginning with the first house, the natural ruler is Aries and the second house is ruled by Taurus and continuing and finally ending with the twelfth house which is naturally ruled by Pisces. These natural rulers play a significant role in determining our emotional expression. Someone with their Moon in the first house regardless of the Moon’s sign positioning will also have similar tendencies as someone with their Moon in the sign of Aries. Someone with their Moon in the fifth house will have some similar tendencies as someone with their Moon in the sign Leo and so forth.

The Moon can be very complicated in its expression, but with practice and experience we can become acquainted with our natal Moon’s positioning and its expression.

Each planet and luminary in our Astrology charts carry their own energies. The signs and houses play just as a significant role with each of these as well. It should be noted that outer planets’ house positions are actually more relevant as the planet’s positioning by house and sign are areas that will affect generations in a similar manner and as a result, have a much broader influence.

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