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Those individuals that Saturn has a square aspect to the Moon in their natal chart likely have a difficult time expressing their emotions. This is particularly true if, for instance, Mercury is also square to the Moon perhaps in conjunction with Saturn. They may appear emotionally distant, cold or detached but this may not hold true on an internal perspective, especially if the Moon is in a water sign.

When we look only at the Moon and Saturn (without any other influence), these individuals may actually be hesitant to express their emotions. Perhaps there could be a reluctance to display emotions because they were restricted emotionally by a parent. Quite often those with this combination had a challenge due to the resistance of emotional release from the mother, and as a result, they were not permitted or were held back from releasing their emotions. They may have been pushed to bury their sensitivity at a young age. The Mother or “normally more feminine parent” may have been a strict disciplinarian and always showed strength and determination. This parent may have wanted to pass this on to their children. Much will depends, however, on the sign of the Moon and its house placement in the natal chart.

The Moon also is reflective of our nurturing abilities and our protective instincts towards our own children and those that we deem to be emotionally in need. Individuals with this square would most likely have a protective urge and would keep their children within arm’s reach. There may be a fear that their children need to be protected and they will do so with great intensity. There may also be challenging conditions linked to nurturing and their ideas of nurturing may be tight fisted and there would be a lesson of learning to have a softer touch. These individual could be hard on their children and also hard on themselves from an emotional perspective.

Saturn can also be reflective of a demanding authoritative figure.

In personal terms, this combination can suggest an individual who is very controlled and disciplined always appearing to be in control of life’s situations and never showing their sensitivities. Emotions may be viewed as a weakness and even when they are experiencing turmoil within, they appear restrained and measured.

Saturn is the disciplinarian but also the teacher. Although the road to emotional expression may be hindered, the goal may be to restrain oneself in emotionally intense situations in life and in turn to learn from this approach.

Control may be a lesson in this life. A more relaxed and slow but deliberate release of emotions may unclog the tension that this natal aspect might hold. Letting go of fear can reduce this tension and it is important to know that all challenging aspects in the birth chart can be remedied if the individual is willing to put in the work to overcome and learn from the aspect. If they can do this, the energies will no longer hold them tight on a leash.

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