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When we review a natal chart it is important to consider a planet which has at least 5 or 6 major aspects linked to it. This planet is strengthened or exaggerated in its expression due to all these connections. It is important to see which houses are interconnected to this planet as well as the house that it is found in. The house that this most aspected planet is located in will not be the main reference area of life. The energies are released from this house and the other areas of life represented by the houses the other planets are found in will find emphasized expression due to the most aspected planet’s influence. The house the most aspected planet rules is important as well, but the flow of all these other energies add intensity and can be used to help with the definition of the release of energies into the other areas of life involved.

Not only are the houses representative of the flow of energies, we must also includes the angles in the chart, especially the Ascendant and the Midheaven. If, for example, the Sun was conjunct the MC by a very tight aspect, its energies of drive and ambition would be linked to moving ahead within the occupation or career. If Saturn were also in close opposition to this placement then there might be challenges from other individual with moving forward or obstacles standing in the way of progress. Things might be delayed or we might expect more duties and responsibilities as we move towards the objectives set in place within our occupation. Some of the challenges experienced might be linked to family and our roots if Saturn was found in the fourth house (with our example).

Going one step further let’s say that Jupiter and Venus were conjunct in the sixth house and made trines to this position of the Sun linked to the MC. This would help with the situation and may suggest that the working conditions and co-workers would help facilitate growth and good fortune with the plans or push that might be associated with our occupation.

Taking it one step further let’s say that Uranus was in square to this elevated position of the Sun with the MC. Uranus would certainly add to the unique potential of this positioning and might bring opportunities in unexpected manners, but would cause us to work towards positive results. Uranus might make us appear to be somewhat of a bohemian in our approach or push us into fields associated with electronics or scientific avenues. Uranus would certainly require that we push for something unique and perhaps unusual or make us approach this occupational direction from a different point of view.

Going one step further if Mercury was involved adding a sextile to the Sun/MC position, our mind would be well equipped and we might have an advantage because of our ability to understand detail or make clear decisions that would affect our career and working potential. Mercury might also figure into the equation, making a sextile to the Jupiter/Venus conjunction in the sixth house, providing analysis and the ability to delineate any problems within the working environment.

As you can see this whole process would certainly add to the flavour of our initial Sun/MC conjunction. All of these aspects will add insight and energies when we look deeper at this initial conjunction and also make this positioning very important in the Astrology chart.

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